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The new Lebara Abo
for Global Citizens  

Ideal offer for unique desires

The new monthly Lebara contract with 30 day duration period.

Full cost control
  • No hidden costs
  • Can be cancelled or adjusted monthly
Best value
  • International calls to 50 countries
  • High-Speed Internet
No credit check
  • Easy setup through MyLebara account
  • Automatic plan renewal

Lebara Abo

All the national and international minutes you need - plus data

Or maybe you'd prefer a prepaid plan?

All benefits of the Lebara Abo can also be enjoyed with our prepaid rates.

View Prepaid rates


Our Lebara Abo (monthly contract) is currently only available online and have a term of 30 days. At the end of the term, your contact automatically renews for another 30 days, unlike prepaid.

Download our MyLebara app to check your detailed spend. This makes managing your tariffs or bolt-ons very easy.

You order a new SIM online from here. You will receive an email confirmation of your online request for free Lebara SIM card and you can expect its delivery within 3-5 working days. Once you get your SIM you can buy a plan or topup online on our website or through the My Lebara app.

Manage your account with MyLebara

Download our secure and easy-to-use app

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prepaid plans of Lebara Germany

Lebara's prepaid plans offer many benefits. Lots of our customers especially appreciate the reliable control of costs. Because compared to postpaid plans, you pay in advance. This way, you always keep your telephone costs in full view. Just as convincing is the flexibility and individuality of our Lebara plans. Because not we, but you decide every month, which package suits you best. Depending on how many minutes or how much data you need, you can always choose a suitable offer from Lebara.

This is how your Lebara prepaid plan works

All you need, to take advantage of Lebara prepaid plans, is a free Lebara SIM. In addition, you can buy your preferred plan, when you purchase a Lebara SIM or you can book it on to your new free SIM later on. Once the prepaid SIM has arrived, you simply have to activate it. SIf you already booked a prepaid plan, you can start calling, surfing or texting right away.

Additionally, you can activate the "auto-renew” option and conveniently continue to use your prepaid plan for as long as you like. Your plan will then be automatically renewed by us every month. As soon as you decide to change your plan or simply want to pause it for a while, you can flexibly end the automatic renewal process in your MyLebara account. Alternatively, you can choose a different prepaid plan each month, that is individually tailored to your current needs or you simply extend the existing plan via SMS. So, every month you can choose another prepaid plan from our national plansinternational plansdata or Komplett plans.

Our prepaid plans will suit you - not the other way around

The Lebara prepaid packages are divided into different tariff offers. In order to respond to your personal needs in as much detail as possible, we offer different variants for each type of package. Discover our offers for every situation:

  • Komplett plans: National and international calls and surfing at no extra cost.

  • National plans: With our Allnet flat you can make unlimited phone calls in Germany and benefit from a fast internet connection.

  • International plans: Make calls to friends or family no matter where they are. With our international plans you get low-cost calls within Germany and in 50 countries.

With all prepaid tariffs highest quality is of primary importance. Therefore, we rely on telephony in Top D network quality and high-speed Internet.

Expand Lebara flexible prepaid plans

The selected tariff is perfectly in line with your expectations, but you currently need additional data volume for surfing the mobile Internet. Or you already know today that you need more international calling minutes next month. The solution is very simple. Under Bolt-ons you will find Lebara data packages and additional minutes. With these packages, available in different variants, you can supplement your selected tariff cost-effectively and simply with the various offers.

Add data volume at any time to your prepaid rate:

  • The data volume for high-speed surfing is not enough? From 100 MB up to 10 GB high-speed internet for individual surfing enjoyment easy and fast on your existing package.

  • Book extra call volume: You need extra call minutes with your Allnet flat or Flexi plan?

  • You can book volume and data volume online or via SMS.

Do you mainly talk to friends and family from Lebara to Lebara? Then the budget-priced Lebara package is the first choice. With this special call package, you make unlimited phone calls to Germany's Lebara numbers and in Top D network quality.

Find international prepaid plans

Do you often make phone calls to TurkeyRussiaRomania or the USA? With our fare finder you will discover the right fare for each country. Simply select your destination country and choose the best prepaid rate for you. Depending on the package, our offers include:

  • International minutes in your desired country

  • Flexible minutes for national or international calls

  • Unlimited national minutes in Germany Unlimited calling from Lebara to Lebara within Germany or High-speed Internet 

For your calls into 50 countries we developed special Flexi tariffs from Flexi S to Flexi 3XL5. Immerse yourself in the world of Lebara prepaid plans and benefit from a maximum of 30 days' duration and the option of simply changing the selected plan after expiration or adapting it to your personal requirements: cost-effective, uncomplicated and easy, online or via SMS.