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Data 3 GB

14,99 €
3GB High Speed Internet
Top-Quality Network  Talk and surf with Lebara on a top-quality network
SMS-Code: DATA3GB  sent for free as SMS to 55255
Terms & Conditions

Offer valid from 01.10.2018 - Offer is valid until revocation . Prices incl. VAT - Calls are charged per minute (60/60) - Commercial use prohibited - In addition, our terms and conditions apply. The terms and conditions as well as the general overview of current deals, rates and prices can be found at www.lebara.de - Provider: Lebara Limited, 7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock, London E14 2BE, Great Britain.

2) Tariff plans are only available with a Lebara prepaid card. To opt in by SMS, send the relevant keyword (name of plan without space, e .g. KOMPLETTS to get Komplett S plan) from your Lebara SIM card to the free of charge short code 55255. Package options includes staded data volume and/or free minutes for calls to landlines and if specified to mobiles, of the countries listed for the plan excluding special numbers and value-added services. If specified, free calls from Lebara to Lebara within Germany are included during the validity period of the package. Included data and minutes are valid during the 4 weeks term of the option and expire thereafter. Outside of and after use of the included minutes, calls will be charged according to the current price list. Only one of the Lebara packages can be booked per validity period. Plans without data can be combined with any DATA plan. Packages with combined voice and data allowances are not combinable with any other plans. Will be extended automatically for 4 weeks if sufficient funds are available, if they are not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to expiration. To unsubscribe, please send from your Lebara SIM card a text with HALT, followed by the opt-in keyword to the free of charge short code 55255 (e.g. HALTKOMPLETTS to cancel Komplett S).

3) Once the applicable data volume is used up within the 4 weeks validity period of the data volume bundle, the bandwidth is throttled to max. 32 Kbit/s(Download) und 16 Kbit/s (Upload). In case of an auto-renewal of a data volume bundle the new data volume will be available from the 1st day following the current validity period. In case of a subsequent booking or an upgrade during the validity period of the data volume bundle (only available for DATA volume bundles), the new data will be allocated with the activation of the new bundle. Remaining allowance, if any, will be stacked to the new data volume bundle.

** Die Aktion ist gültig vom 03.09.2019 bis zum 31.12.2019 und gilt nur für Lebara-Kunden in Deutschland, die bis zum 31.12.2019 eine neue Lebara Prepaid SIM-Karte registrieren und auf diese SIM-Karte innerhalb von 7 Tagen nach Registrierung eine Data 1GB, Data 3GB, Data 5GB oder Data 10GB Tarifoption buchen. Sie erhalten mit Buchung einer dieser Datenoptionen einmalig ein zusätzliches Gratis-Datenvolumen mit einer Gültigkeit von 4 Wochen in Abhängigkeit von der gebuchten Datenoption (1,5 GB Gratis-Datenvolumen bei Data 1GB-Datenoption, 2 GB Gratis-Datenvolumen bei Data 3GB-Datenoption, 2,5 GB Gratis-Datenvolumen bei Data 5GB-Datenoption und 4 GB Gratis-Datenvolumen bei Data 10GB-Datenoption). Nach Ablauf der ursprünglichen 4-wöchigen Optionslaufzeit verlängert sich bei ausreichendem Guthaben die gebuchte Datenoption automatisch um 4 Wochen zum jeweils aktuellen Preis ohne das zusätzliche Gratis-Datenvolumen, sofern sie nicht wie oben beschrieben mindestens 24 Stunden vor Ende der 4-wöchigen Optionslaufzeit gekündigt wird. Das Gratis-Datenvolumen ist nicht übertragbar und, kann nicht in Bargeld oder andere Produkte eingetauscht werden.



14,99 €
  • Top D-Network Quality
  • No contract
  • Attractive international rates
  • High-Speed Internet

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