Add extra data volume to your Leb Allnet SIM Only plan!

For all Leb Allnet plans
Bookable at any time
Bookable as often as you like via MyLebara Account or App

Book easily more data volume for your Leb Allnet plans

Have you already used up your high-speed Internet for this month? No problem: You can simply add more data volume to your Leb Allnet plans at any time. The extra data volume for your SIM Only plan is valid until the end of the billing month. You can choose between Leb Plus 1 GB, Leb Plus 5 GB or Leb Plus 10 GB - of course including LTE and in best D-network quality.

  • 1GB
    Internet inkl. LTE
  • 5GB
    Internet inkl. LTE
  • 10GB
    Internet inkl. LTE

Thats how you get more GB for your Leb Allnet plan

The Leb Plus option with more data volume is for all Leb Allnet SIM Only plans. For example,Leb Allnet S Easy -24M, Leb Allnet M Easy -24M, Leb Allnet L Easy -24M, Leb Allnet S Smart -24M tariffs or Leb Allnet M Smart -24M. Book more data volume now with one of the Leb Plus Option online or via app and get additional high-speed Internet volume credited. This data volume is valid until the end of the billing month. This means that your additional data volume expires at the end of the billing month.

Note: The selected data volume option is added to your tariff once and not on a long-term basis. If you use up your data volume again before the end of the billing month, you can add new data volume as often as you like with the Leb PLUS option.
The price for the extra data volume is charged immediately upon booking and payment is processed using PayPal, credit card, direct debit or instant bank transfer.“


If you need more data volume in a long term, you can easily sdjust your SIM Only plans for free.

✔Best D-network quality

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LTE is included in all our tariffs

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