Leb Allnet tariff - compile your desired tariff

With Lebara's Leb Allnet fixed-term contracts, you can put together your own tariff, because the days when you had to commit to a mobile phone contract without much say in the matter are over: With Lebara, you can now put together your contract the way you want! Decide on the duration of the contract, data volume and international minutes and secure exactly the tariff that suits your needs. Your world. Your tariff.


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Set up a mobile phone tariff: These are the benefits of our Leb Allnet tariffs

All our Leb Allnet tariffs include an Allnet Flat, so you can make unlimited telephone calls to German landlines and mobile network phones at any time - of course, as usual in the best D-network quality. Our Leb Allnet tariffs are also attractive for frequent surfers, because you can choose between 4 GB, 10 GB and 17 GB data volume. Thanks to the fast LTE you are always on the move at top speed, wherever you are. No matter how you choose your tariff or configure your mobile phone contract, the benefits of our Leb Allnet tariffs are always included.


Your world. Your tariff. - put together your desired tariff, which is why it is worthwhile

You know best what you expect from a tariff. With us, you can put together a mobile phone tariff that has exactly the features you need. So say goodbye to the latest tariff trends and celebrate your individuality.

The number of different mobile phone and smartphone tariffs is almost endless. And that for good reasons: Everyone uses their mobile phone differently. One person surfs the mobile Internet, another streams series and the next makes so many telephone calls that the mobile phone never stands still. The over-abundance of mobile phone tariffs is intended to ensure that there is something suitable for every user. Nevertheless, there is hardly a tariff that exactly meets one's own needs. Lebara therefore offers you the optimal solution: With us, you can put together your own desired tariff without compromise. Your world. Your tariff.


Put together a mobile phone contract: How it works

1. Decide on a term

If you want to put together your contract, you can choose between a 1-month and 24-month term. With the one-month contract, you remain unattached and can cancel monthly. With the fixed-term contract of 24 months, you again have the benefit that it is 2 Euros cheaper compared to the one-month tariff. With the one-month contract, you remain unattached and can cancel monthly. Not to worry: You can put together your desired tariff now and still upgrade it flexibly every month. For example, your best friend has travelled abroad and you now need more minutes for international calls, then adjust your Leb Allnet tariff flexibly and choose more minutes for international calls. Anyone who wants to put together their own tariff has the option with the Leb Allnet tariffs to switch flexibly to another higher tariff if required.


2. Choose the right data volume

When configuring your mobile phone contract, you can choose between 4 GB, 10 GB and 17 GB data volume - including Allnet Flat to all German networks. Are you a frequent surfer but running out of data volume? No worries: With Lebara, you can do more than put together your desired tariff, but also add more data volume at any time Book more data volume

3. Choose minutes for your international calls

According to the motto "Your world. Your tariff." you can set the duration and data volume as well as the inclusive minutes for international calls yourself. Put together your desired tariff and decide between 50, 300 or 1000 inclusive minutes for international telephone calls, with which you can make calls from Germany to 50 countries. Our country list covers all EU countries, as well as countries such as USA, China, India and Turkey land-lines.

Set up your desired tariff with Lebara: Individual and flexible

For January 10 GB data volume, for February 17 GB or simply more international minutes - with the flexible Leb Allnet fixed-term contract from Lebara, all this is possible. With us, you can put together the mobile phone contract that suits your world! Enjoy the maximum comfort of your desired tariff and remain flexible at all times