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3G shutdown
Switching to 4G

3G network shutdown - More power and speed with 4G in the new generation network

Now the time has come: The 3G network, which ushered in the age of mobile internet in Germany some 20 years ago, has had its day and has been sent into retirement. The majority of customers will not even notice the shutdown because even now super-fast surfing via LTE in the 4G network is the standard at Lebara. We have compiled the most important information on the 3G network shutdown, which benefits the 4G network offers and who is actually affected by the shutdown.

Switching to the 4G network - the benefits outweigh the disadvantages

The 4G network offers many benefits for both network operators and end customers. With this standard, the 4th generation (4 G) of mobile internet, higher transmission speeds and even wider network coverage are possible. Freed-up frequencies from the shutdown of the 3G network can now be used for the faster and more efficient 4G network. So you surf with higher performance and better network coverage on your Lebara tariff compared to the outdated 3G standard. However, there are benefits not only in faster data transmission, but also in making telephone calls. Compared to the old generation standards, this newer standard is characterised by a faster connection set-up and excellent voice quality for your calls.

The shutdown of the 3G network - in these cases you must act

If you already use Lebara's 4G network/LTE, nothing changes for you. Practically all modern smartphones already use this standard. Even if you only use your mobile phone to make telephone calls and send/receive SMS, you do not need to do anything else. Just simply use your mobile phone as before.

If you have an older smartphone that is not yet equipped for 4G, then you will be affected by the shutdown of the 3G network. Since your 3G terminal device cannot dial up to the newer 4G standard, you can only use the slower 2G standard to surf the mobile internet. This is sufficient for sending text messages via instant messaging services (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) or for checking e-mails occasionally, but in order to benefit from the advantages of Lebara's fast LTE, we recommend switching to a smartphone with the 4G/LTE standard.

Basically, however: If you only use your older terminal device that is not compatible with 4G network/LTE to make telephone calls or send text messages and do not use it to surf the mobile internet, nothing changes for you and you can continue to use your device as usual.

Make telephone calls and surf with 4G/LTE - naturally with Lebara

AAll Lebara customers make telephone calls in the best D-network and surf super-fast via LTE.. The shutdown of the 3G network does not change this, but actually ensures that there will be even more capacity for faster internet with wider network coverage in the future. As a Lebara customer, you benefit from even better high-speed data usage, even faster streaming and excellent voice quality - of course in all fixed-term tariffs and prepaid offers.