Online SIM registration explained step-by-step


You have chosen one of Lebara's attractive offers and already have your new Lebara SIM card in your hands? We now explain step-by-step how to register and activate your SIM card. In just a few minutes you can unlock your personal SIM card with the online SIM registration and make unlimited calls and surf with Lebara.


For the registration you will need:

Your new Lebara SIM card
Your Smartphone with Internet connection, camera and microphone (alternatively you can also use your computer or laptop)
A valid identification document (identity card or passport)

Due to the registration obligation for prepaid SIM cards, proof of your identity is required, otherwise we cannot activate your SIM card. The SIM card registration is done - immediately online - in a few simple steps directly from your Smartphone. Of course you can also activate your SIM card on your PC or laptop. However, we recommend that you perform the SIM registration with your Smartphone, as each Smartphone already contains a camera and microphone, which makes it quicker, easier and more convenient to unlock your SIM card. We will be happy to guide you through the online process and explain how to register and activate your SIM card.

1. Step: SIM card data

Pleease go to SIM Registration or scan your QR Code on the SIM card packaging.

Alternatively, you can also visit our homepage at click on the SIM registration button and you will be taken immediately to the registration page.


To start the Lebara SIM registration process enter your new Lebara mobile phone number and PUK1 or ICCID. The ICCID is made up of the last 4 digits of the mobile phone number.



You will find your new Lebara phone number and your ICCID on the SIM card packaging or in the welcome letter.



After you have entered the SIM card data, you only need to agree to the terms and conditions and you can start with the online SIM registration.     


2. Step: Personal data - Scanning the ID document

Select the country where your ID was issued to continue the online SIM registration. Due to legal regulations, we are obliged to carry out a SIM registration with proof of your identity. In order to be able to compare the data later, please enter all data exactly as they are contained in your identification document.



In order for us to activate your SIM card, we need a photo of your document. Therefore, please agree to access for the camera.  

SIM-Registrierung-Ausweisdokument scannen


Now scan your ID document. Please follow the instructions very carefully and, depending on your identity document, hold the main page of your passport or both sides of your identity card exactly towards the camera. Please ensure there is good lighting conditions so that the document can be scanned.

SIM-Registrierung-Ausweisdokument scannen-dateneingabe


We simplify the data entry procedure for you: Once your ID document has been scanned, your first and last nameare automatically entered. Then you only have to check your data or add any that is missing.


Once you have completed your details, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the Lebara newsletter. This way we can keep you informed about attractive Lebara offers even after SIM registration.

3. Step: Registration method selection  

Under registration method please select online registration. This method is the easiest and fastest method. It is done via video call, which you can easily perform with your Smartphone to activate your SIM card.  


It is also possible to register SIM cards in a  Lebara Partner Shop.

4. Step: SIM activation by video call

After you have selected online SIM registration, access to your camera and microphone is requested. To see and hear the video agent, please confirm access to activate your Lebara SIM card via video call. Please select your preferred language for the short video call with a Lebara agent. Here you have the possibility to make the video call in German, English, Romanian or Polish.


A camera and sound check follows to start the video call. . The stability of your Internet connection is checked. Click on "Check". If all bars become coloured, the check is complete. Please click on "To video call" to start the video call.



If there are any technical problems, repeat the procedure with another device - for example, with a newer Smartphone or laptop. If the registration still does not work, we recommend that you register your SIM card with one of our Lebara Partner-Shop.      

You are now in the waiting area for the video call. There may be short waiting period until an agent is available. The waiting time as well as the positions in the queue are displayed. An ideal time to make sure your documents are at hand so that the video agent can activate your SIM card in minutes. As soon as an employee is available for you, please follow his instructions:

1. First of all, you must agree that the conversation is recorded for security reasons.

2. Then please state your first and last name. If you have an identification document with an address, you will be asked to give your address.

3. Your date and place of birth will be requested.

4. Then please hold the front and, if necessary, the back of your ID document in the camera for about 10 seconds. Then tilt the ID document to the right and left or up and down as the agent shows you.

5. In order for the agent to recognize all security features, you will be asked to move your hand with your fingers spread between the identity document, your face and the camera.

6. Tell the agent your identity document number.

7. DONE! The SIM registration is then successfully completed.

Your Lebara SIM card is activated within 15 minutes and nothing stands in the way of fast surfing the net and making calls with your loved ones.