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You receive up to € 60 cash reward and your friend gets double data volume in the first 4 weeks


Reward overview

Referring a Customer pays off: Recommend Lebara and make sure of your up to  €60 cash reward.



 Plans  Reward
 LTE Abo L Extra  60€
 LTE Abo M Extra  40€
 LTE Abo S Extra  20€
 LTE Abo XS Extra  10€



You do not have to be a Lebara customer to participate in the "Refer a Customer" programme. If you do not yet have a Lebara "Refer a Customer" account, click here to register for the programme, or sign up for your MyLebara account using your log-in details.

Once you have registered or signed up for the programme, you will receive a personal referral link that you can share with your friends and acquaintances via WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail. Please note that it is mandatory for your friends to click on this link and place the order with cookies turned on in order to receive your cash reward. There is no entitlement to a reward when ordering directly via the Lebara website.
As many as you like. There is currently no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
We will notify you via your registered e-mail address as soon as one of your friends or acquaintances has clicked on your link and made a successful purchase.

If your friend/acquaintance makes a purchase and the eligibility criteria for continued use of the tariff are met which means that the referred member must continually stay on the LTE Abo Extra plan for 60 days from activation and consecutively paid for 3 times four week cycles, your referral reward will be credited to you within 60 days of a successful referral.

The reward will be transferred to your bank or PayPal account. You can view your rewards at any time in the "Refer a Customer" area. Here you can select the option "Transfer money directly to a German bank or PayPal account".

If your friend/acquaintance uses your personal referral link to make more than one purchase and all  eligibility criteria are met, then the purchases will be counted as separate referrals and you will receive multiple rewards accordingly.

You will only receive rewards if your friends book one of our tariffs that are eligible to participate in the "Refer a Customer" programme together with a free prepaid SIM card.

Our "Refer a Customer" programme only applies to selected tariffs listed here . All other Lebara tariffs are not eligible for rewards.

You will only receive a reward if your friend/acquaintance uses the recommended tariff for at least twelve weeks. However, if your friend/acquaintance cancels a tariff within twelve weeks of activation, the purchase does not meet our criteria for a successful referral.
SIM cards are shipped by Deutsche Post and should be delivered within two to three working days. If your friend has not received a SIM card after four working days, they are welcome to contact our customer service team to check address mismatches. Your friend/acquaintance must register and continue to use the SIM card upon receipt in order for you to meet the eligibility criteria for a successful purchase.
If your friend/acquaintance decides to change tariff to a lower-priced option, the reward will be calculated based on the latest tariff. For example, if your friend/acquaintance has bought a tariff that costs €19.99 per month and switches to a tariff of €9.99 per month, the reward is based on the €9.99 tariff.
You can recommend the "Refer a Customer" programme to anyone who wants to make calls and surf in the best D-network quality incl. LTE and also receive double the data volume for the first month. The prerequisite is the purchase of a Lebara SIM card via the "Refer a Customer" programme.

Legal notice

*) Status: 15/03/2021 • Offer is valid until revoked • Prices include VAT. • Minute-by-minute clocking (60/60) • Commercial use prohibited • Additionally, our general terms and conditions apply. The general terms and conditions as well as the complete overview of the currently valid offers, tariffs, conditions and prices can be found at • Provider: Lebara Limited, 7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock, London E14 2BE, Great Britain • The LTE Abo XS/S/M/L Extra tariff options are a subscription with an initial term of 28 days that automatically renews every 28 days until cancelled. They can only be booked with a Lebara prepaid card with SEPA direct debit mandate, credit card, PayPal or similar for recurring payments via the Lebara website at Your Lebara account is automatically topped up every 28 days by direct debit from your bank account, credit card, PayPal or similar, depending on the payment method you choose, to the amount of the price of the tariff option booked. A MyLebara account or the MyLebara App is required to book and use the tariff option. LTE subscriptions Extra tariff options include specified call minutes to German fixed and mobile networks during the respective 28-day option term, specified call minutes for calls from Germany to the fixed and mobile networks of all EU countries, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Israel, Canada, Liechtenstein, Macao, Malaysia, Norway, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Venezuela, as well as to the land-line of Russia and Turkey, in each case excluding special numbers and (value-added) services. All-inclusive minutes apply only during the respective 28-day option term and expire at the end of the respective 28-day option term without replacement. Outside this period or after consumption of the inclusive minutes, the tariff according to the current price list applies. In addition, the specified data volume is included, which only applies during the 28-day option term. Any remaining data volume expires at the end of the respective 28-day option term without replacement. After the specified data volume has been used up within the 28-day option term, the bandwidth will be limited to a maximum of 32 Kbit/s (download) and 16 Kbit/s (upload). When options are automatically renewed, the new data volume is made available on the 1st day of the renewal period following the option term. Only one Lebara tariff option term can be booked per tariff option and cannot be combined with other tariff options. Tariff option is automatically renewed every 28 days for 28 days at a time unless it is cancelled in text form to Lebara (e.g. by e-mail to [email protected]) or via your MyLebara account or MyLebara App at least 7 working days before the end of the initial or extended term. The “double data” promotion only applies to new Lebara customers who order a new Lebara prepaid SIM card with one of the Lebara tariff options “LTE Abo XS Extra”, “LTE Abo S Extra”, “LTE Abo M Extra” or “LTE Abo L Extra” with recurring payments via the website during the promotional period from 01/04/2021 to 30/06/2021. Not valid for subsequent booking of these tariff options on the Lebara website or in the MyLebara App. With the activation of these tariff options, you will receive an additional free data volume valid for 28 days only once depending on the booked tariff option (1 GB free data volume with “LTE Abo XS Extra”, 3 GB free data volume with “LTE Abo S Extra”, 8 GB free data volume with “LTE Abo M Extra” and 15 GB free data volume with “LTE Abo L Extra”). After expiry of the original 28-day option term, the booked tariff option is automatically extended by 28 days at the respective current price without the additional free data volume, unless it has been cancelled at least in good time. The free data volume is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.