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As a Lebara customer, you can easily download the MyLebara app. You can get the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. With the MyLebara app download you secure many advantages that are only available in the app! You can keep an eye on your account, see all your activities and have access to exclusive offers.


View credit and keep an overview of expenses

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Keep full control over your credit. You can check your credit balance at any time in the MyLebara app. You will receive detailed information about your data and minutes usage. In the MyLebara app, top up your credit at any time with just a few clicks. Also discover our great tariffs, such as our bestseller tariff Complete M! This gives you unlimited minutes in Germany, as well as 250 minutes in over 50 countries with 8 GB of data. The MyLebara app helps you to stay flexible and to keep track of things. You have everything at a glance conveniently, securely and from anywhere and can easily and quickly add prepaid tariffs, credit or data volume. Whatever suits you.


Download the MyLebara app now and get benefits!

Easy to use

Using the app is very easy and intuitive. There you can use many additional functions with just a few clicks. Book new packages as you wish, or top up your phone credit or data volume. You can top up your Lebara account via PayPal, credit card or traditionally with top-up cards.

Maximum flexibility

There are no contractual obligations at Lebara. But you can book minutes or data at any time and as often as you like - just as you need it. You get LTE included, as well as the best D-Netz quality.

Access to all Lebara products

The MyLebara app download gives you access to all other Lebara products, which you can buy and book as you wish. All your data and costs can be viewed in the app with just a few clicks.

Help and support

The MyLebara app provides you with help and support, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about using Lebara.

Use the My Lebara App

View your balance and track your spendings.

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Get attractive offers with MyLebara app

When you download the MyLebara app, you have immediate access to all features. View your activities and connections over the last 30 days, top up your account, manage your credit or choose a new tariff. Browse through attractive offers and packages! The MyLebara app packages allow you to top up or check your credit balance at any time. You can also choose an attractive tariff that best suits you.

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Secure top up

Use your payment card, Paypal or iDeal account to add credit.

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testimonial 1
Boris Jenovic

The offers and services at Lebara are really satisfiying. With them it makes much more fun to call. And the internet is also very fast especially, since they've introduced LTE!

testimonial 3
Gabrielle Durant

I like to have an overview over my things and get my to DO's sorted out quickly. The Lebara App - and its clear design and functional features- is the perfect solution to manage my phone.

testimonial 2
Nicolas Seidel

I'm really not a technology freak, but with the Lebara App you don't need to be one. The App is clear and simple.


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