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✔ Without contractual obligation
Mobile phone tariff without term of contract - can be cancelled monthly
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Automatic topping-up & full cost control
✔ 25 % discount
LTE Abo S: Instead of 9,99€only 7,49€ in the first 12 weeks
    NEW & only available online
  • 1GB
    Internet inkl. LTE
    100 Flexi mins to Germany + 50 countries
    28 days
    Online only: 3 months 25% discount6
  • 8GB
    Internet inkl. LTE
    Unlimited National mins to Germany
    250 Minutes in 50 countries
    28 days

LTE Abo XS: Pay less than € 5 a month & make international calls

LTE Abo XS is brand new and expands the LTE Abo product portfolio with a product for less than 5 euros a month. With the LTE XS, you receive 1GB of data and 100 minutes every 28 days, flexible and without contractual obligations. You can make calls in the best D-Netz quality and surf with LTE included. The special thing about the inexpensive LTE Abo XS tariff: With the 100 minutes included, you can make calls in up to 50 countries - for less than 5 euro.


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4-week mobile phone tariffs: LTE Abo S and LTE Abo M explained in compact form

You do not want to worry about recharging your credit all the time, but you do not want to sign a contract either? Lebara offers you two new mobile phone tariffs with automatic top up your credit.




The new Mobile phone tariff subscription LTE Abo S is ideal for all those who occasionally make international calls and need an inexpensive data package. It includes 180 minutes of telephony to all German networks and 50 countries worldwide - including all fixed and mobile networks in the EU. For all other Lebara telephone numbers within Germany you can use a flat rate and of course in best D-Net quality. You receive 3 GB of mobile data every 4 weeks. As always with Lebara, you can surf the Internet with this mobile phone tariff without term of contract, of course with super-fast LTE - EU roaming is also included.

If you need more data volume, you can add more Data packages inexpensively and as often as you want to add to your subscription mobile phone tariff. Whether 1, 3, 5 or 10 GB, you have the choice with maximum flexibility and absolute cost control. And that as often and whenever you want.





The 4-week mobile phone tariff LTE Abo M is ideal for all those who make a lot of calls and use their mobile phones to surf. Just like a contract without a mobile phone, it even includes a flat rate to all German networks. If you like to make frequent calls abroad, this flexible mobile phone tariff, which can be cancelled monthly, is ideal for you. You can make calls in the best D-Net quality with 250 minutes to fixed and mobile networks in 50 countries - including the EU. If the international minutes are not enough, additional minutes can be booked. In the field of telephony, we offer you packages of 200 or 500 minutes each of which can be added.

This tariff includes 8 GB of mobile data every 4 weeks, and of course LTE is also included in this subscription mobile phone tariff. If you need more data, we offer you inexpensive packages of 1, 3, 5 or 10 GB, which you can be add to your prepaid tariff whenever you like.


The new Lebara subscription tariffs: Mobile phone tariffs without term of contract

With the new Lebara LTE subscription products LTE Abo S and LTE Abo M, Lebara is expanding its product portfolio with two attractive prepaid tariffs with no contractual obligations and great benefits. With the new mobile phone tariffs without a contract, you can make calls with Lebara in the best D-network quality and use the mobile Internet with rapid LTE speed included. The tariffs are extended to the end of the 4 week usage period and can also be cancelled easily on a monthly basis. You have complete freedom and flexibility without any risk, because you can change the new Lebara subscription mobile phone tariffs without term of contract at the end of the usage period. In contrast to many other providers, you do not need to conclude a long-term mobile phone tariff agreement. Ideal for those who have family or friends abroad and want to stay in touch with their loved ones at no additional cost.

Full flexibility with the new mobile phone tariffs without a contract

A mobile phone tariff without a term has many advantages. On the one hand, you already know in advance what your monthly costs will be. On the other hand, you have full flexibility, as the mobile phone tariff can be canceled on a monthly basis. In addition, the new Lebara subscription tariffs are very convenient, as you do not have to worry about topping up your credit because the mobile phone tariffs without a contract are automatically extended by another 4 weeks after the expiry of 4 weeks. With a 4-week mobile phone tariff, compared to other prepaid tariffs you can save yourself constant topping up, conveniently and easily. As usual, we at Lebara stand for maximum flexibility without a long contract: You can cancel your subscription plan at any time at the end of the 4-week period. In contrast to other mobile phone providers, with Lebara you are guaranteed to keep an overview thanks to full cost control and flexibility. EYou can find an overview of your costs in your MyLebara area.

Only available online with an exclusive discount for new customers

You can only book the new Abo plans without a contract here online. Regardless of whether you are switching from your old mobile phone provider or want to test the new Lebara Abo products: New customers receive a discount of 25% on the LTE Abo S and LTE Abo M in the first 3 months. Get your discount on the mobile phone plan without a fix term right here - the discount will be deducted from the shopping cart.