1gb lte

  • 100 min to Germany+50 countries icon
  • Best D-Net
  • No contractual obligation
Available exclusively online 4  ,99€28 days

Lebara subscription tariff under €5

✔ Without contractual obligation
Mobile phone tariff without term of contract - can be cancelled monthly
✔ Comfortable and fair
Automatic topping-up & full cost control
✔ Cheap
LTE Abo XS: less than €5

For Lebara customer

    NEW & only available online
  • 1GB
    Internet inkl. LTE
    100 Flexi mins to Germany + 50 countries
    28 days

Finding cheap mobile phone tariffs without a contract is a piece of cake from now on! Lebara is the specialist for fair and flexible conditions for telephoning and surfing in Germany and worldwide. Cheap mobile phone tariffs without a contract is the strong point of Lebara. With the LTE Abo XS tariff, even customers who do not need many free minutes and low data volume can make calls and surf the Internet with top conditions. This subscription tariff for less than 5 Euros is particularly attractive for all those who also make calls to other countries.




In a mobile phone contract comparison without a mobile phone, the LTE Abo XS comes out on top not only because of its price-performance ratio, but also because it is extremely flexible. Because you can cancel the LTE Abo XS at the end of the 28-day option term, you do not take any risks with this tariff. This means that occasional callers and Internet users also benefit from the best D-network and fast LTE Internet at an attractive subscription price of only 4.99 Euros for 28 days.


LTE Abo XS - The conditions of the mobile phone tariff without contract term

With the subscription tariff available exclusively online for less than 5 Euros, with LTE Abo XS you benefit from attractive conditions for making calls and mobile surfing without any contractual obligations. You make your decisions yourself and entirely according to your personal needs.

The LTE Abo XS tariff is ideal for keeping in touch with family at home and abroad, dear friends, but also for business or professional matters in Germany and around the world. Because 100 free minutes to all German networks and to the networks of 50 countries worldwide (including all fixed and mobile networks in the EU) are already included for 28 days with this subscription tariff for less than 5 Euros. So you can make calls - even to other countries - with full cost control and comfortably at a beneficial subscription price!
Mobile Internet surfing is also included in the LTE Abo XS tariff: We provide a data volume of 1 GB for you every 28 days. All-inclusive at a package price of only €4.99 for 28 days. Make your
personal mobile phone contract comparison and choose the tariff that suits you!



Cheap mobile phone tariffs without a contract - with the LTE Abo XS you profit from many special benefits

Like all Lebara customers, you make calls in the best D-network and benefit from the best mobile network with the highest voice quality. For mobile surfing on your smartphone, use the LTE ABO XS, a contract without a mobile phone that can be cancelled monthly, a contract without a mobile phone that can be cancelled monthlyincluding fast Internet via LTE technology. And for less than 5 Euros per month!
Do you appreciate flexibility? We know that! That is why you can choose from attractive minute and data packages, which you can add to your subscription tariff at low cost, depending on your personal needs. Ideal for all those who occasionally and flexibly need more free minutes or data volume and of course at an absolute beneficial price.


Book the LTE Abo XS tariff - very easily online!

If you are already a Lebara customer, you can book the subscription tariff under 5 Euros directly in the Customer area MyLebara or via MyLebara app. If you are new to us, the best thing to do is to order free of charge and without obligation Your personal SIM card. It is the essential requirement for cheap mobile phone tariffs without a contract. After the one-time registration you can get started and use your SIM card to enjoy the top conditions of the LTE ABO XS tariff.


Flexible at any time - LTE Abo XS

Cheap mobile phone tariffs without a contract, such as the LTE Abo XS, are available on a subscription basis. It works very simply: You leave a payment method only once, from where we automatically collect the monthly fee. This means that it is no longer necessary to top up credit. If you want to continue using this subscription at the end of the 28 days, you do not need to do anything else and your subscription tariff will renew comfortably and automatically. Do your needs change and you want to switch? Nothing is simpler than that! As we guarantee full cost control and overview, you can cancel monthly. One click in the Customer area MyLebara or via MyLebara app and your monthly subscription will not be renewed. This means you are not tied to any long-term contractual obligations and retain full cost control at all times with your LTE Abo XS subscription tariff. As comfortable as a mobile phone contract, but you still enjoy the full flexibility of prepaid without any contractual obligations.




The Lebara Abo tariffs are available exclusively online at www.lebara.de or in the MyLebara App.

As a new customer, if you order a new SIM card at the same time, you will receive a 25% discount for the first 12 weeks (3 months). The discount is automatically added to your shopping cart when you place your first order and is also taken into account when you automatically renew.

With the Lebara LTE Abo tariffs, you can make calls and surf with the best D-Netz quality including and without any contract . The best thing about it, you don't need to worry about topping up, as the LTE Abo tariffs are conveniently extended automatically.

You can switch off the automatic renewal for the LTE Abo tariffs easily and conveniently in the MyLebara App or, alternatively, cancel by email to [email protected] The cancellation must be made 7 days before the extension of your LTE Abo tariff.