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Surf 360 days &
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Annual package with international minutes
Carrying the remaining data volume into the following month
Carrying the remaininginclusive minutes into the following month

NEW: Prepaid annual package: 360 days surfing and telephoning within Germany and abroad

Are you looking for a tariff that you can conveniently book annually and thus call abroad every month and use the full data power? Then you are sure to enjoy Lebara's new prepaid annual package. This provides you with 2 GB Internet incl. LTE every 30 days as well as 180 free minutes for telephony in Germany and internationally and to 50 other countries. You can also call other Lebara customers in Germany without restriction. The best choice for smooth reception and worry-free calls awaits you all year round with our new Lebara Prepaid Annual Tariff!



24 gb lte

  • 2160 min to Germany+50 countries icon
  • Save unused data & minutes
  • Beste D-Net
  • No contractual obligation
Jahrespaket for 360 days 99  ,99€       

360 days of international calls and surfing in the best D-network and with LTE

For the best D-network quality you are on the safe side with us, because we know exactly what is important to our customers. Therefore we combine the best D-network with maximum comfort and good value for money. The Lebara Annual Package includes calls abroad - in up to 50 countries during the 180 free minutes. In addition, you can call from Lebara to Lebara free of charge. Our prepaid annual package lets you take a deep breath for less than 10 € per month and use it according to your needs. Just pay € 99.99 once and benefit from 360 days of telephony and surfing fun in the best D-network quality.




Simplicity and flexibility with Lebara's annual tariff


The new annual mobile phone package emphasises simplicity in this way. This applies both to the booking and to the cancellation if you wish to opt for a new offer. The use of additional services also works parallel to the current contract, allowing you to make the best possible use of the annual Internet and telephony package. This allows you to top up data volume or credit as required.





Continue using your remaining data volume and free minutes in the following month

One of the decisive benefits is the enormous flexibility. If, for example, you do not use up your entire data volume, you can easily transfer it into the next month. So if you only need 1GB of data volume in one month, you can start the next month with a full 3GB. In addition to the data volume, this attractive buffer also applies to the free minutes. If you have not completely used up your free minutes, you can use them up in the following month. However, if you would like to make more calls or surf the Internet within the 30 days, you can of course top up your credit or data volume at any time.


Jahrespaket-Lebara-Datenvolumen mitnehmen



The annual package with international minutes brings you together with your loved ones

Together with us, you can phone and surf abroad and also within Germany for a year and you are connected to every other place on the globe. We are therefore pleased to bring you together with your friends and acquaintances with our annual package for 360 days.

If you wish, you can start with the prepaid annual package immediately after purchase and take advantage of your flexible annual rate immediately after SIM registration. In combination with the one-time annual costs, you have full control over all expenses and no longer have to pay monthly bills for your contracts. For a single payment of € 99.99 you get 360 days of excellent reception and every 30 days 2 GB of Internet incl. LTE from Lebara.

Use at any time without any contractual obligations

With the best D-network quality you are on the safe side with us even if you do not have a contract. After many years on the market, we know exactly what is important to our customers. Therefore we always offer the necessary structure and combine the best D-network with maximum comfort.

3-fold savings with the Lebara annual package

Choose your new Lebara prepaid annual package now and make calls throughout the year in up to 50 countries. Simply take your remaining data and free minutes with you into the following month. For 360 days you pay a one-time fee of € 99.99, which is less than € 8.50 per month for 2 GB including LTE and 180 minutes of telephony not only within Germany, but also abroad! For this reason, you too can be inspired by our annual package and place your trust in the highest quality with Lebara. With the prepaid annual package, you can give your smartphone the power it needs for fast connections in the best D-network.