Permanently more data

✔ Up to 6 GB more data
✔ For new & existing customers
✔ Temporary unlimited

Lebara prepaid plans

Do you already read our bestseller? The favourite tariffs of our customers are the Komplett plans. Especially popular is the Komplett M prepaid tariff . Make unlimited calls to Germany and 250 minutes in up to 50 countries, and surf with 10 GB data volume including high-speed LTE.


  • Komplett S
    Internet inkl. LTE
    200 National mins to Germany
    50 Minutes in 50 countries
    28 days
  • Komplett M
    Internet inkl. LTE
    Unlimited National mins to Germany
    250 Minutes in 50 countries
    28 days
  • Komplett XL
    Internet inkl. LTE
    Unlimited National mins to Germany
    1000 Minutes in 50 countries
    28 days

Permanently More Data

Permanently more data with the Lebara prepaid offers: From January 12th, 2022 you will receive up to 6 GB more data volume on the Komplett and Data tariffs - with no time limit! For example, you get 10 GB with our bestseller Komplett M that means 5GB more data permanently.




Not only with the Komplett tariffs there is permanently more data, but also with the data tariffs. With Data XL you get 20 GB instead of 14 GB, therefore 6 GB more data permanently. Take a look at the tariff overview for the data tariffs and opt for permanently more data with Lebara.



Our prepaid benefits at a glance

Thanks to many benefits, you are always safe with prepaid mobile phone cards. Especially if low costs and maximum flexibility are important to you, because with the Lebara Prepaid SIM card you only incur costs when you make calls or surf the Internet. Say goodbye to high mobile phone bills. Always keep an eye on your costs by recharging your prepaid mobile phone card only with the credit you need.


No contract

Carefree phone calls


Best D-Net

for optimal connection


International support

in German, English, Polish and Romanian


Full flexibility

We at Lebara offer you maximum flexibility for your prepaid tariffs - without any disruptive contractual obligations, long contract periods or notice periods. We offer you the flexibility to choose your optimal prepaid tariff option. When you don't need your prepaid SIM card, simply top it up again when you need it.

No basic fee

With prepaid tariffs, the monthly basic fee is omitted when compared to contract-based tariffs. That means: No costs if you do not make calls or surf the Internet with your prepaid SIM card.

Maximum individuality

Thanks to our variety of prepaid tariffs, you can adapt your tariff to your individual situation at any time. Whether you prefer to make calls abroad with your loved ones or need more data volume, Lebara offers prepaid tariffs to suit everyone.


Our prepaid tariffs in comparison

No matter whether you want to make more calls within Germany or more abroad, whether you want to surf with 10 GB data volume or 20 GB, there is something for everyone with Lebara's prepaid tariffs. Through different tariff combinations you have the possibility to choose the offer that is optimally adapted to your needs.

Do you phone more to Germany than abroad with friends? Then the Komplett bundle is the right prepaid tariff for you! Get mobile data volume, free minutes for calls within Germany and additional inclusive minutes for calls to up to 50 countries. Select your favourite.

Under international tariffs you will find the practical World bundle, which contain plenty of mobile data volume to send pictures and videos as well as flexible minutes for making calls. The benefit, with our Flexi-Minutes you can make calls in Germany or in one of 50 countries inclusive - it doesn't get any more flexible than that. For example 3GB and 200 minutes with the World M plan for only €14.99 or 5GB and unlimited minutes with the World XL plan for only 29,99€. Lebara World tariffs are for those who love maximum flexibility.

The Flexi tariff is the perfect prepaid tariff, for all those who very often call abroad. With the focus on call minutes, you get prepaid packages that stand up to any comparison. For example 400 Flexi-Minutes for only €9.99 or 600 Flexi-Minutes for only €14.99 - there is something for everyone.

Would you like a tariff with more data volume? No matter whether you want to add extra data volume  or book a data plan. Lebara has just the right offer for pure surfing pleasure. All our data tariffs have a particularly high data volume and of course you have a top connection thanks to the best D-network quality. Our tip: Add data volume - perfect for tablets to surf the Internet on the go. For example 1GB for €4,99 and up to 10GB for €19,99. Now simply select the appropriate data tariff and start surfing.

Still no SIM card?

Are you interested in a prepaid tariff from Lebara and do not yet have a SIM card? Try out the free SIM card from Lebara now with €3 starting credit. Free of charge, without any contractual obligation and with full cost control.



Prepaid plans - frequently asked questions

Prepaid Tarife sind Tarife ohne Laufzeit, d.h. es besteht keine Vertragsbindung und um Telefonieren und Surfen zu können, muss das Konto mit Guthaben aufgeladen werden.
Mit Prepaid Tarifen genießen Sie eine hohe Flexibilität ohne Vertragsbindung und absolute Kostenkontrolle. Sie können außerdem jederzeit Ihren Tarif nach Ihren Bedürfnissen anpassen und beliebiges Guthaben aufladen. Mit den Lebara Prepaid Tarifen haben Sie außerdem noch den Vorteil, zu günstigen Preisen ins Ausland telefonieren zu können.
Lebara bietet Ihnen eine Vielzahl an Prepaid Paketen, die sowohl nationale und internationale Gesprächsminuten als auch High-Speed Internet. Wählen Sie aus unseren World, Komplett, Internationalen und Internet Paketen.
Sie können Ihr Guthaben über den Auflade-Button oder über unsere Prepaid Produkt Seite aufladen.
Da das je nach Tarif unterschiedlich sein kann, werden die Länder in den Tarifdetails aufgeführt.