Simple and flexible: The first prepaid annual package in Germany with international minutes

22.09.2020 | PRESS RELEASE


Pay once, call up to 50 countries for one year. Take unused data volume and free minutes into the following month.

Düsseldorf, 22. September 2020. When a month has passed, many a mobile phone user is annoyed that the data volume has not been used up, and is now lost. In addition, the circle of family and friends is increasingly international and users want to call not only within Germany but also abroad to stay in touch. The new annual prepaid package from Lebara combines both: this telecommunications provider is the only provider in Germany to offer a package of free minutes in up to 50 countries, and unused data volume and non-telephoned minutes can be carried over into the following month for the first time. The company is presenting the new offer in Germany today: For a one-time fee of € 99.99, users can surf and make phone calls for 360 days. You can also call other Lebara customers in Germany without restriction.

30 days each include 2GB data volume plus LTE and 180 free minutes within Germany in the best D-network quality as well as to about 50 other countries. Unlike other providers with prepaid annual tariffs, only with Lebara do you not lose monthly data volume and free minutes. This means that if customers only need 1GB of data volume in one month, they start with 3GB in the following month. However, if they want to make more calls or surf the Internet within the 30-day period, they can top up their free minutes or data volume at any time and as often as they like.


"With our annual package we offer our customers a novelty with the usual best D-network with maximum comfort and good value for money: Students and senior citizens pay considerably less than ten Euro per month and receive free minutes not only within Germany, but also in up to 50 countries worldwide. The highlight of the new annual package is the option of taking unused data volume and call minutes with you into the following month," reports the current interim managing director Matthias Engelke for Germany - something that does not yet exist in the ethno market. Added to this are clear tariff conditions and of course reliable reception quality. Customers would automatically receive new data volume and free minutes every 30 days without having to worry about topping up. You can start with the prepaid annual package immediately after purchase and take advantage of the flexible annual rate immediately after SIM registration. New customers can order from today online and existing customers via the MyLebara app or in your MyLebara area. After 360 days an automatic renewal takes place unless notice of cancellation is given.


About Lebara: Prepaid Telephony for Global Citizens in Germany

Lebara is the universal brand for people whose families, friends, colleagues and business partners are spread across several countries. Lebara helps them to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures. Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has developed over the past few years into an established telecommunications provider in five European countries. Lebara's products are easy to understand and very competitively priced, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with their international families and friends - simpler and cheaper than ever before. In Germany, Lebara markets prepaid SIM cards with no contractual obligations, which are particularly suitable for making cheap calls abroad. Customers can book monthly tariff packages with Allnet-Flat and data volume according to their needs and wishes.

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