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12.11.2020 | PRESS RELEASE


Lebara gives mobile phone users the choice of three or six months of worry-free calls, surfing and savings


Düsseldorf, 12. November 2020. Leading provider of mobile telephony for the ethnic market expands its portfolio of low-cost LTE prepaid economy packages.


Making mobile phone calls without any contractual obligations and going online with customised data volumes - that is what many mobile phone users want, especially in times of social distancing. Especially for those who regularly make calls not only within Germany but also with family, friends and acquaintances abroad, the prepaid specialist Lebara has put together a three-part savings portfolio. The recently introduced annual prepaid package will now be supplemented by two additional usage models: the new 3-month package and the new 6-month package. Depending on the term, users thus receive a total data volume of 6 GB, 12 GB or 24 GB. Users also benefit from other attractive conditions such as up to 180 free minutes in Germany and in other countries and receive unlimited time for calls to Lebara numbers within Germany.

BWith the new 3-monthly package, mobile phone users without any contractual obligations can look forward to a new data volume of 2 GB every 30 days, i.e. a total of 6 GB via LTE over the entire period of use. In addition, there are 120 free minutes per month for international and national telephone calls in the best D-network quality. This enables customers to make carefree phone calls and surf the Internet for 90 days at a price of € 24.99. After the 90 days there is the option to conveniently extend the use of the package automatically.

Under almost the same conditions, users will also receive the new 6-month package with 2 GB of data volume per month for surfing, i.e. 12 GB in total. The model also includes 150 free minutes per month for German calls and calls in other countries - a total of 900 minutes at a price of € 49.99 for six months. Users can call up to 50 countries including all EU countries. After 180 days customers can make use of the automatic renewal.


Depot function: Data can be transferred on request

For a one-time payment of € 4.99 during the term of the contract, users can activate the depot function, which allows unused minutes and data volumes to be carried over into the next month. In addition, additional data volumes can be added according to personal requirements. The annual prepaid package is still available online and, more recently, also from selected retail partners. Users can save over 28 Euros compared to the individual booking of the Complete S World tariffs.


More possibilities and save without a fixed contract

„"After we were the first providers in Germany to launch the LTE annual package with international minutes, we are pleased to extend the economy package family with the 3-monthly package and 6-monthly package," explains Claus W. Jepp, the new Managing Director of Lebara in Germany. "Customers are not bound by any contract and there is no need for constant topping-up. They are free to decide whether they want to use the prepaid offer for three, six or twelve months in order to make flexible calls in 50 countries".
The tariffs are as of today online as well as available from selected retail partners.


  All prices include VAT.



About Lebara: Prepaid Telephony for Global Citizens in Germany

Lebara is the universal brand for people whose families, friends, colleagues and business partners are spread across several countries. Lebara helps them to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures. Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has developed over the past few years into an established telecommunications provider in five European countries. Lebara's products are easy to understand and very competitively priced, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with their international families and friends - simpler and cheaper than ever before. In Germany, Lebara markets prepaid SIM cards with no contractual obligations, which are particularly suitable for making cheap calls to other countries. Customers can book monthly tariff packages with Allnet-Flat and data volume according to their needs and wishes.

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