New: Call now in whole EU fpr 1 ct per minute

05/29/2020 | PRESS RELEASE


New: Call anywhere in the EU starting from 1 cent per minute


Düsseldorf, 29th May 2019.Lebara, the specialist for cheap calls abroad, now offers all calls to all EU countries from 1 cent * per minute **, regardless of whether to mobile or landline networks.

For many people who value cheap calls without a contract, both nationally and internationally, Lebara has long been the provider with the optimal tariffs. Lebara has always actively supported the trend towards falling prices.


That's why Lebara not only welcomes the new EU regulation, but goes a big step further and lowers all prices for calls from Germany to all EU countries to just 1 cent in the first minute.


In the new exclusive Lebara BEST tariff, the permanently low price of 1 cent per minute even applies to the entire call for selected EU countries. The low-cost EU tariff can be activated with the key word">BEST via a free short code to 55255.


Customers who do not opt for the BEST tariff, pay 1 cent for the first minute and a maximum of 22 cents per minute from the second minute on.


Lebara also lowers the prices for SMS to the EU countries to 7 cents.


  All prices include VAT  



About Lebara:First choice for global citizens in Germany

Lebara is the universal brand for people whose family members, friends and business partners are spread across several countries. Lebara helps these people to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures. Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has developed into an established telecommunications provider in five countries in Europe. Lebara products are easy to understand and very reasonably priced. In this way, Lebara customers stay in contact with their families and friends abroad - easier and cheaper than ever before.

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