Lebara offers Germany's first flexible mobile phone contract including international minutes

07.06.2021 | PRESS RELEASE


Lebara offers Germany's first flexible mobile phone contract including international minutes


Mobile telephone calls and surfing as you wish: With its new mobile phone contracts, the Düsseldorf-based mobile network operator offers the possibility to configure tariffs individually according to needs and to adjust them if necessary - a real novelty on the market also with regard to inclusive minutes to other countries.


Düsseldorf, 7 June 2021 – With the fixed-term tariffs, the prepaid specialist Lebara is the only mobile phone provider to launch flexible contract tariffs on 7 June 2021, which customers can put together individually and adjust monthly and free of charge, with international minutes to 50 countries. The contracts are offered without hardware.

Via an Online configurator Othe desired tariffs can be put together individually and easily for each user according to their personal needs and plans. With the comprehensive bundle of new tariff models under the product name Leb Allnet, the mobile phone provider addresses the target group of so-called "New Globals" who are not necessarily bound to a certain age, have many connections in other countries and feel at home in the world..


Maximum flexibility in contract selection and also afterwards

The special feature of the new mobile phone contracts is not only the flexibility to configure them individually to your needs, but also to adjust the contract every month without any additional costs. It is also possible to change to a lower tariff. In addition, all tariffs included in the offer have the best D-network quality and a package of minutes that the user can use to call to other countries every month. "Our customers and their wishes are at the forefront at Lebara and with the new tariffs we are taking another step in this direction," explains Claus Jepp, Managing Director at Lebara. "That's why, especially for those who are at home everywhere in the world, we have created the option to individually configure a mobile phone contract and modify it as needed - a real novelty in a market that bridges the gap between customised user convenience and low-cost international calls.


Telephone calls without borders: Inclusive minutes to 50 countries

The fact that communication across national borders is becoming increasingly important is also shown by a survey conducted by the consumer advice centre in 2018. Here, one in four respondents stated that they made private telephone calls from Germany to other EU countries within a year - more than half do so once a month and 25 per cent even at least once a week. The result reflects Lebara's philosophy: Customers benefit from a global connection to maintain contacts all over the world while having a strong partner in Germany at their side.


Lebara - Set up your own Leb Allnet tariffs

Customers can first choose the contract term and decide between one month and 24 months. After that, the choice lies with the data volume. Here, either 4 GB, 10 GB or 17 GB are available in the respective tariffs. In the last step, you can also select the inclusive minutes to 50 other countries, including all EU countries. The minutes include the fixed and mobile networks of all EU countries, as well as other countries such as China, India, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Thailand and the USA. For Russia and Turkey, the land-line is covered within these minutes. As an option, there is a choice between 50 minutes, 300 minutes or 1,000 minutes. The price range for one month is between € 11.99 for the smallest and € 31.99 for the largest tariff. For the 24-month contract, this amount is reduced by € 2 per month, so that the smallest tariff starts at € 9.99 and the largest ends at € 29.99. If desired, the customer can also book additional data volume: The price for one gigabyte is € 4.99. A detailed price description for all tariffs is attached.

The tariffs are available exclusively online from today at the following link: https://mobile.lebara.com/de/en/handyvertrag/tarife




About Lebara: Prepaid Telephony for Global Citizens in Germany

Lebara is the universal brand for people whose families, friends, colleagues and business partners are spread across several countries. Lebara helps them to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures. Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has developed over the past few years into an established telecommunications provider in five European countries. Lebara's products are easy to understand and very competitively priced, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with their international families and friends - simpler and cheaper than ever before. In Germany, Lebara markets prepaid SIM cards with no contractual obligations, which are particularly suitable for making cheap calls to other countries. Customers can book monthly tariff packages with Allnet-Flat and data volume according to their needs and wishes.

More information under: www.lebara.de/en


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