World-flat for calls abroad plus two new exclusive country options for Syrians and Ukrainians

09/06/2019 | PRESS RELEASE


New customer campaign: Up to 4 GB of free data volume

Düsseldorf / Berlin, 6th September 2019. Just in time for the IFA, Lebara - the specialist for cheap calls abroad - launches “Germany's best world flat rate” for unlimited calls to the world. In addition, Lebara now has two new special tariffs for Syrians and Ukrainians. Even more: new Lebara customers will receive up to 4 GB for free until October 31st.

Best global phone flat rate

Many people are looking for a way to make a lot of calls - within Germany and internationally - but without the risk of high costs. The new „Welt Flat“ von Lebara löst dieses Problem. „Die Welt Flat ist der ideale Tarif für alle Powertelefonierer, die kein Internet benötigen!“ betont Lebara-Deutschland-Chef Gerben Wijbenga. Die Welt Flat from Lebara solves this problem. " Welt Flat is the ideal tariff for all customers who do not need the Internet!" emphasizes the managing director of Lebara Germany, Gerben Wijbenga. The Welt Flat from Lebara offers unlimited mobile phone calls in the best D-net quality from Germany to 50 countries around the world, including all EU countries, Switzerland, Slovenia and the landline network for just 24.99 euros *. Calls to all German networks are also completely included. Wijbenga: "The new World Flat is the perfect addition to our cheap and flexible data options - both can be combined with each other individually."

New tailored country options for Syria and Ukraine

As first provider, Lebara offers its customers a new country option for the three target countries Syria, Turkey and Lebanon."Syrien Plus Minuten" was specifically created for the almost 800.000 Syrians living in Germany, whose families were torn apart by the civil war and scattered to different countries - most of them in Turkey and many in Lebanon. With these special Lebara country options, families can now stay in touch with one another very cheaply.Syrien Plus Minutenincludes 100 minutes of calls to all fixed and mobile networks in these three countries for just 9.99 euros per four weeks. In addition, there is no connection fee. In the promotional period until October 31st of this year there are an additional 20 minutes free.Syrien Plus Minutencan also be used flexibly with all other Lebara tariff options at the same time.

The new Lebara country option "Ukraine Plus Minuten" also offers 100 call minutes to all Ukrainian networks at the price of 9.99 euros with a duration of four weeks. This makes Lebara the only provider with a minute package for Ukraine. Again, no connection fee is charged. And the Ukraine Minute Tariff also offers an additional 20 minutes for free during the campaign period until October 31st. Ukraine Minutes can also be flexibly combined with all other Lebara tariff options.

Of course, all customers with the two new country options booked will also benefit from the best D-Net quality of Lebara.All new offers can easily be booked via the MyLebara app, in stores or by SMS to the short code number 55255 and the relevant booking code.


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Free data volume until October 31st

In addition, new Lebara customers will receive up to 4 GB of data for free during the campaign period until October 31st of this year. Anyone who registers a new prepaid SIM card from Lebara and books a data tariff option within the first week receives an additional one-time free data volume for 4 weeks: With "Data 1 GB" it is 1.5 GB, with "Data 3 GB" plus 2 GB, with "data 5 GB" 2.5 GB additional and with "data 10 GB" there is 4 GB.

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About Lebara:First choice for global citizens in Germany

Lebara is the universal brand for people whose family members, friends and business partners are spread across several countries. Lebara helps these people to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures. Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has developed into an established telecommunications provider in five countries in Europe. Lebara products are easy to understand and very reasonably priced. In this way, Lebara customers stay in contact with their families and friends abroad - easier and cheaper than ever before.

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