Palmarium completes the acquisition of Lebara Group

09/15/2017 | PRESS RELEASE


London, 15th September 2017: Palmarium today announced the acquisition of Lebara Group B.V. and the Lebara branded companies through its subsidiary VIEO BV.

Lebara has been one of the fastest growing mobile communication companies in Europe since its foundation in 2001. As a brand valued by travelers, students and migrants, Lebara offers accessible products and services.

Thanks to the 275.000 sales points, Lebara reaches its growing customer base of over 3.5 million people in a unique way. Lebara's corporate culture is driven by innovation and business success. Lebara also has a diverse workforce and first-class customer service, for which the company has received numerous awards.

Palmarium offers Lebara strong support and in-depth expertise to expand and drive the digitization of the company. The founders of Lebara leave the company. The new management team will be led by Graeme Oxby (CEO). Graeme Oxby is a very experienced CEO in the field of innovative telecommunication companies, having worked for well-known brands such as Three and Virgin, among others. At Virgin, he changed the business model from an exclusively prepaid to a contract business. Most recently, he was CEO of Liberty Global's European wireless business and successfully acquired five new sales territories.

“Lebara is characterized by a dynamic and growing business that still has a lot of potential. I am delighted to take the lead and I believe that this acquisition, along with the strength of the new leadership team and its financially strong investors, will take the business to the next level, ”, said Oxby.

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Palmarium is a Swiss private family company and investors with a focus on alternative investments, including private equity and real estate. Our networks support us in opening up new business opportunities and structuring own trading transactions. We are uniquely able to cope with complex business activities and situations. The rare combination of in-depth industry knowledge and unique commitment to our clients and partners is reflected in our performance and our diversified business portfolio.


About Lebara:First choice for global citizens in Germany

Lebara is the universal brand for people whose family members, friends and business partners are spread across several countries. Lebara helps these people to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures. Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has developed into an established telecommunications provider in five countries in Europe. Lebara products are easy to understand and very reasonably priced. In this way, Lebara customers stay in contact with their families and friends abroad - easier and cheaper than ever before.

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