About Us

Lebara is the specialist of ethnic mobile communications. Since we were founded in 2001, we have continued to develop and have been a strong and reliable partner. Today we have six locations worldwide.

In Germany Lebara sells prepaid SIM cards without any contract, which are particularly suitable for cheap calls abroad. As well as flexible term contracts that can be put together individually and include international minutes . Our customers can book monthly plans with call flat rates and data from our attractive portfolio that best match their needs and wishes. In general, all Lebara customers can make calls in the best D network and surf with LTE at low prices worldwide.

Our Vision

From the beginning, our vision is to create a happy and simple life for our customers with our products through unique experiences. Lebara products are easy to understand and very reasonably priced. In this way, Lebara customers stay in contact with their families and friends more easily and cheaply than ever before.

Our Mission

With our product. we overcome distances and connect people globally with their families, friends and partners. We achieve this with fair and affordable tariffs, which enable calling and surfing worldwide in the best D-Netz quality and with LTE.

Our Values


We constantly strive for new ways to best meet the needs of our customers, employees & shareholders. We are determined to continuously optimize our quality and performance standards.


We are open to the world and value diversity, solidarity and collaboration. Because together we are successful in a transparent environment with our customers and employees.


With a fresh spirit and creativity, we always set new standards and develop innovative ideas. As a result, we are pioneers in a dynamic market and create unique opportunities for our customers.


We attach great importance to making our products, services and processes simple and understandable for everyone. With the focus on the essentials, we can make targeted decisions and keep our promises.