Best D-network quality

Phone with Lebara in the best D-network quality

The mobile network of Lebara

Poor reception? Good news! Lebara makes you available around the clock and everywhere in Germany - and in the best D-network quality. But what does our "best D-network quality" actually include and which network operator does Lebara use? We can answer that question exactly.

Which network does Lebara use?

Lebara uses the D1 network of the network provider Deutsche Telekom.

What does our best D-network quality include?

With Telekom's D1 network, Lebara offers you an all-time stable and secure connection with high network coverage throughout Germany - whether in a large city or in rural areas. This quality applies not only to telephony, but also to mobile Internet and transmission speed via LTE - stay in touch and enjoy absolute freedom: Thanks to our Prepaid offers you benefit from maximum flexibility month after month. Whether Basic tariffs, international packages or Allnet flat rates, we provide you with all prepaid tariffs in the best D-network quality. With exactly the tariff that suits your life style.


D for "the best network”

Constant connection and perfect voice quality throughout Germany - these and other factors are tested by industry magazines such as CHIP or connect in the annual network check, in which the three major network operators in Germany are tested. But who offers the best network coverage in terms of Internet, telephony and availability? Telekom, Vodafone or O2? The results prove: With Lebara you can make calls on the best mobile network with high performance and fast data transfer. In 2019, Deutsche Telekom's network won the CHIP network test for the tenth time in a row and secured the grade "very good" with an average of 1.3.1 Among other things, network coverage in rural areas, transfer rates and transmission quality were tested. Lebara is also ahead of the competition in terms of LTE availability with the Telekom network. The high quality of the data network enables stable transfer rates over a long period of time2 - ideal for those who want to watch HD live streams on YouTube while on the move. All in all, Telekom does not have any significant weaknesses. Reason enough for Lebara to rely on the test winner. By the way: As a network provider, Deutsche Telekom continues to invest in the expansion of its mobile communications networks so that we can continue to offer you excellent network quality in the future.

Optimally networked everywhere

The D-network is a digital mobile radio network according to GSM standard, which is supported in more than 200 countries. Established in the early 1990s, it now enables mobile communication everywhere. With the Lebara network you are optimally connected 24 hours a day, everywhere in Germany. Dropped calls, poor sound quality, annoying crackling or hissing are a thing of the past. The density and high range of the radio masts ensures that rural areas are also connected to the mobile phone network in addition to urban centres. There are hardly any white spots on the map today. By the way, did you know that the best D-network quality also conserves your battery? If your phone has to constantly search for a mobile signal, the battery life is reduced. With the Lebara network, on the other hand, you are always fully connected and put less strain on your battery.


Bestes D-Netz



Lebara: Best D-network quality and LTE

Checking the news in the morning, listening to music on the way to work, chatting with friends and posting a few pictures in between - without interruptions or long waiting times? LTE is included in all Lebara tariffs. This allows you to make full use of all the functions of your smartphone and also allows you to be mobile with top speeds of up to 18 Mbps. The combination of powerful Internet and the best D-network guarantees you optimal performance and maximum fun while surfing and making phone calls!