LTE included

for all Lebara tariffs

LTE tariffs of Lebara

Fast transmission rates, future-proof and low costs: With Lebara's LTE tariffs, your mobile Internet is accelerated many times over and lets you surf the web in top D-network quality with a maximum download speed of 18 MBits/s even when you are on the move. This way you can communicate and download music and apps faster than ever before. HD video streams and online games are also possible on the road. Of course, LTE is always included free of charge with Lebara in the best D-network.

Simply top up Lebara data volume

After consumption of your data volume within the respective option term, the bandwidth is limited to a maximum of 32 Kbit/s for download and 16 Kbit/s for upload. Of course you can book more data at any time and as often as you like. For just €4.99 you can receive 1 GB additional data volume, for example. Booking is simple via the MyLebara App, via the Lebara website under Data Plus, Leb Allnet extra Data, or alternatively by SMS. Just send an SMS with "PLUS1GB" to the free speed dial 55255 to book 1 GB additional data volume for € 4.99.


Benefits of LTE

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the 4th digital generation mobile communications standard. This wireless technology offers the highest performance and numerous benefits over the 3G network, while providing significantly better coverage for mobile Internet. Only with an LTE tariff can you fully use all the functions of your smartphone.


The benefits at a glance:

1. Data transmission: LTE offers higher transmission rates and is five times faster than UMTS. It also enables higher upload and download speeds.

2. Data costs: LTE's more effective data transmission technology reduces your data costs.

3. Reaction times: LTE keeps the connection time of a page request extremely low.

4. Mobility: In contrast to old wireless technology, their speed of movement hardly plays a role anymore. For example, you can surf extremely fast on the train while on the move.

5. Power consumption: The LTE transmission technology leads to lower power consumption due to its higher efficiency, thus extending the battery life of your smartphone.

6. Flexible in transmission: Television via smartphone is also possible, as LTE can be used for radio transmission.

Activate LTE

No activation is required to use LTE. New customers receive the LTE network automatically when their SIM card is activated. Our existing customers have already been activated for the LTE network. Calls are not affected by this change. The difference between 3G and 4G lies in the speed of data transmission (e.g. when surfing the Internet). Nothing changes for you, of course: You continue to make calls and surf the best D-network. By the way: Under this link you can determine the data transfer rate available to you locally and the network availability.




Requirements for LTE use

The LTE network has long been a standard for daily Internet surfing. Nevertheless, a number of conditions must be met in order to use LTE technology. You can find a brief overview here:

1. Terminal device: You need an LTE-capable terminal/smartphone. If you are not sure, there are several ways to find out. On the one hand it is shown on the display, on the other hand it can be determined in the network settings whether LTE is supported. However, you can also simply check the product data sheet or user manual to see whether your device supports LTE. In general, all smartphones manufactured after 2014 should be equipped for this.

2. Location:An LTE network must be available at your location. Under the following linkyou will find a map showing the availability.

3. Tariff: You need an LTE-compatible mobile telephony tariff. Of course our Lebara tariffs include LTE reception.

4. SIM Card: You need a suitable SIM card. As a rule, the previous Lebara SIM card can still be used. If you have a micro or nano SIM card, you can use LTE in any case. Only older formats do not support LTE. If this is the case, please contact Lebara Customer Service.

If LTE technology is not available, the system automatically switches to 3G (UMTS) technology if your terminal supports it.



The Lebara bestsellers with LTE

Would you like to surf without limits with LTE? Then choose our Lebara bestseller tariffs including LTE - of course in best D-network quality.


✓ 180 minutes to all German networks and 50 countries worldwide

✓ 3GB mobile data volume

✓ €9.99 for 28 days


✓ unlimited minutes in Germany & 250 minutes to 50 countries

✓ 8GB mobile data volume

✓ €19.99 for 28 days

Komplett M

✓unlimited minutes in Germany & 250 minutes to 50 countries

✓ 5GB mobile data volume

✓ €19.99 for 28 days

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