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Zamów DARMOWĄ kartę SIM online

Oferta tylko online, tylko przez krótki czas

(do wyczerpania zapasów)

Zamów nasza kartę za 10€ i otrzymaj łącznie 30€*

    30€* kredyt za 10€! Tylko przy zamówieniu za pomocą karty SIM
  • SIM + 10,00 €

Po aktywacji otrzymanej karty SIM możesz zamówic dowolny pakiet wykorzystując 30€ kredytu.

Nasze propozycje najlepszych pakietów dla Ciebie aktywowane przez SMS:


3 Months 1,5 GB + 200 Min. national + 50 Min international
Product information sheet
WORLD S SMS with WORLDS to 55255
3 Months 1,5 GB + 100 Min. national and international
Product information sheet
WORLD XL SMS with WORLDXL to 55255
1 Month 5 GB + unlimited national and international Min.
Product information sheet

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Zamów darmową kartę SIM
Zamów kartę SIM online
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Lebara Free SIM

A prepaid SIM card has many advantages. Because prepaid costs only if you are on the phone or surfing the internet. That's why the straightforward, contract-neutral prepaid SIM card is always your first choice for flexibility and low costs.
With a prepaid SIM card, you top up exactly the credit you need. As a result, you always have your costs in view. High mobile bills are the past. This is how you actively contribute to controlling the cost of your mobile phone bill.
With a prepaid SIM card you can eliminate the often-annoying contracts with sometimes long contract duration and notice periods. This gives you flexibility and very individual options. If you conclude a mobile phone contract and find that it does not suit you, you will have to wait up to a year or even longer for the next termination option. With Lebara Mobile, it's easy to choose different tariff options. At the end of the usual four-week package period, you either opt for a new package, choose a new plan or simply let your package run out until you recharge your SIM card and start using it again.
As a reputable provider of prepaid SIM cards active in the business for many years, we offer attractive prepaid promotions and favorable terms. You once acquire the prepaid starter pack and benefit from our tariff variety.
Compared to contractual rates for mobile telephony the monthly and often high base fee is eliminated with prepaid. This means no costs if you do not use the telephone for calls or web applications.
Lebara, as a provider of prepaid telephony, has chosen a variety of packages and tariffs. Customize your chosen prepaid package at any time exactly to the current individual situation.
With Lebara Prepaid you can take advantage of contract-free mobile telephony and benefit from a high degree of flexibility in choosing the right tariff. Because our mobile and data tariffs adapt to your individual life situation. Do you need more data volume, because there are three weeks of vacation in front of you, in which you are more on the Internet than usual? Then you decide simply for the suitable package with extra favorable data volume in top quality. Back home, you can switch back to the tariff that works best for you in everyday life and is ideal right now. For international calls to different countries Lebara also offers the BEST Tariff, which allows you to make super cheap calls abroad at a discount price.
Start easily and flexibly with your new Lebara free SIM into your future as a prepaid customer. To start directly on the phone and surf the mobile Internet, you can already top up your credit while ordering the SIM card. Depending on your needs, you can select between 5-50 €. In addition, Lebara Mobile offers numerous prepaid bundles that you can tailor to your needs. All rates are subject to a four-week commitment. You have the option of automatically or manually extending a booked tariff if required.
Lebara Mobile SIM cards are exclusively called Triple SIM's. It is a card carrier in credit card format, which contains three formats in one card. So you always get the right SIM card for each of your devices and can use it very flexibly in different devices. Before removing the SIM card from the perforation, check the size of the SIM card slot on your smartphone or tablet. The different SIM sizes are referred to as either Mini SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM. Once the correct card size is determined, break the larger SIM card out of the card cage. You now hold a Mini SIM in your hand. Now remove the top of the perforation and you will receive a Micro SIM. For the Nano SIM card, the smallest available SIM card size, you only need the innermost part. Here you can almost only see the golden chip. Simply remove the lateral projection at the predetermined breaking point.
Your starter pack including the SIM card has arrived and now you want to use it as soon as possible. However, the registration required by law since 1 July 2017 is still missing. Since the entry into force of this scheme, all new owners of prepaid cards have to register before activating the SIM card. To do this, have your SIM card and a valid ID document ready and, in the first step, choose the most comfortable form of registration on the Lebara activation page.
  1. Online registration via webcam: You need Internet access and a web-enabled terminal equipped with a webcam. Follow the step-by-step instructions on our registration page.
  2. Registration with a Lebara partner: If online registration is not possible for any reason, there are many Lebara partners available for this process. Lebara works with a large number of different business owners nationwide. For registration, bring along a valid ID document and the submitted documents, including the SIM card. You can find the Lebara contract partners through our shop search!
  3. Registration via POSTIDENT procedure: The POSTIDENT process requires Internet access to create a POSTIDENT coupon. Print it out or save it on your smartphone. Now look for the nearest post office, give the coupon there or show it off and identify yourself with a valid identity card.
    Once your registration has been received, your SIM card will be activated immediately. Depending on the chosen procedure, this can take up to 24 hours. All registration details and answers to outstanding questions can be found here.
Do you already know our numerous offers and promotions? For our national and international tariffs as well as data packages and the large selection of packages there are always new favourable offers. Find out now how to adapt your mobile and internet rate to your personal life situation as cheaply as possible. So you can stay in contact with friends at home and abroad inexpensively and always be online!

*Bei Online-Bestellung und Online-Aktivierung einer SIM-Karte mit 10€ Guthaben erhält der Nutzer weitere 20€ Gratis-Guthaben. Je Person und Haushalt kann die Aktion nur einmal in Anspruch genommen werden. Gratis-Guthaben kann für nationale und internationale Anrufe (einschließlich Premium Calls), SMS sowie für nationales Datenvolumen genutzt werden. Eine Kombination mit anderen Aktionen sowie eine Barauszahlung des Gratis-Guthabens sind nicht möglich. Aktion gültig bis auf Widerruf längstens jedoch bis zum 20.01.2019. Ergänzend gelten unsere Aktionsbedingungen sowie Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (https://mobile.lebara.com/de/de/terms-and-conditions).