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Umowa na miesiac

z 30 dniowym okresem trwania

  • 2GB
    Szybkiego Internetu
    100 Minut w Niemcy do 50 krajów
    automatyczne przedłużanie
    30 dni
  • 4GB
    Szybkiego Internetu
    200 Minut w Niemcy do 50 krajów
    automatyczne przedłużanie
    30 dni
  • Polecane
  • 6GB
    Szybkiego Internetu
    300 Minut w Niemcy do 50 krajów
    automatyczne przedłużanie
    30 dni
  • 10GB
    Szybkiego Internetu
    Nielimitowane Minut w Niemcy
    Nielimitowane Minut do 50 krajów
    automatyczne przedłużanie
    30 dni

A może wolisz ofertę prepaid?

Wszystkie korzyści Lebara Abo mogą byc używane z ofertą prepaid.

Zobacz taryfy prepaid

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Dla optymalnych połączeń
Bez umowy
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Kraje objete wszystkimi naszymi Abo pakietami


    •  Austria
    •  Bangladesz
    •  Belgia
    •  Brazylia
    •  Bułgaria
    •  Chile
    •  Chiny
    •  Chorwacja
    •  Cypr
    •  Dania
    •  Estonia
    •  Finlandia
    •  France
    •  Grecja
    •  Hiszpania
    •  Holandia
    •  Hongkong
    •  Indie
    •  Indonezja
    •  Irlandia
    •  Islandia
    •  Izrael
    •  Kanada
    •  Korea Południowa
    •  Liechtenstein
    •  Litwa
    •  Luksemburg
    •  Łotwa
    •  Macao
    •  Malezja
    •  Malta
    •  Niemcy
    •  Norwegia
    •  Polska
    •  Portoryko
    •  Portugalia
    •  Republika Czeska
    •  Rosja (telefon stacjonarny)
    •  Rumunia
    •  Singapur
    •  Słowacja
    •  Stany Zjednoczone
    •  Szwajcaria
    •  Szwecja
    •  Tajlandia
    •  Turcja (telefon stacjonarny)
    •  Wenezuela
    •  Węgry
    •  Wielka Brytania
    •  Włochy



All you need to take advantage of Lebara prepaid plans is a free Lebara SIM card, which you can order here on our website. In addition, you can buy your preferred tariff directly when you buy a Lebara plan, or you can then book it on your new prepaid card.
Once the order prepaid card has arrived or you purchased your sim card at retail, you only need to activate it. You can do this on our activation page on our website.

MyLebara account allows you to control your costs at any time and book additional options and credit. In addition, you can also activate the automatic recharge, with which you can comfortably book monthly credit.

Compared to postpaid rates, you pay the costs incurred in advance and the fare is then credited to your prepaid card. In this way, you always keep your telephone costs in full view. Just as convincing is the flexibility and individuality of our Lebara plans. Because not us, but you decide each month which package suits you best. Depending on how much conversation or data volume you need, you can always choose a suitable offer from Lebara
The selected tariff is perfectly in line with your expectations, but you currently need additional data volume for surfing the mobile Internet? Or you already know today that you need more international call minutes in the next month? The solution is very simple. Bolt-onsinclude Lebara data plans and additional minutes. With these plans, available in different variants, you can supplement your selected tariff cost-effectively and simply with the various offers.

The Lebara prepaid plans are divided into different tariff offers. In order to meet your personal needs in as much detail as possible, we offer different variants for each type of package. Discover our offers for every situation: • Komplett plans: National and international calls and surfing at no extra cost. • World tariffs: With our World tariff you can call unlimited in Germany and in 50 countries at a top price and benefit from a fast internet connection. • Internationale plans: Make phone calls with friends or family no matter where they are. With our international packages you get low-cost calls within Germany and in 50 countries. For all prepaid rates, the highest quality is paramount. That's why we rely on Top D network quality telephony and high-speed Internet. It is our concern to provide you as a user with the best prepaid card.

Do you often make phone calls to Turkey, Russia, Romania, or the US? With our fare finder you will discover the right plan for each country. Simply select your <a href="">destination country</a> and choose the best prepaid rate for you. Depending on the package, our offers include: • International minutes in your desired country • Flexible minutes for national or international calls • Unlimited national minutes in Germany, unlimited calls from Lebara to Lebara within Germany or high speed internet For your discussions in a total of 50 countries, we develop special world tariffs from Worldi S to World L. Immerse yourself in the world of Lebara tariffs and benefit from a maximum of 28 days of travel and the option of simply selecting the tariff after expiration change or adapt it to your personal requirements.

Our Lebara Abo (monthly contract) is currently only available online and have a term of 30 days. At the end of the term, your contact automatically renews for another 30 days, unlike prepaid.