Auto top up

When you register for Auto Topup, you will also get roaming so you can use your phone abroad

How does it work?

With Auto Top Up you ensure that you always have credit on your prepaid account. The credit can be used on international and national calls, data SMS etc. if you wish to pay as you go or to use a service not included in your prepaid package, for example MMS, international SMS, bustickets etc.

When you sign up for Auto Top Up, you will also get roaming, so you can use your phone abroad. You also ensure to always get the best rates. Check our rates here.

How do i sign up?‚Äč

To sign up for Auto Top Up, you need to register your number on MyLebara. After you register, you can sign up for Auto Top Up with your credit card. If you want to purchase a prepaid package, we recommend you to set your minimum threshold to the price of your prepaid package.

On MyLebara you can also check the balance on your credit and keep track of the minutes and data you have left in your prepaid package.



Auto Top Up
Then you will always have money in your prepaid account, if you wish to pay as you go, or use services not included in a prepaid package
All Lebara SIM cards are signed up for roaming. Check your usage on MyLebara or on our app.
Keep your number
We only need your current phonenumber and SIM-card number, and then we will take care of the rest
Reliable network
Lebara is using Telenor & Telia's network for great coverage in Denmark