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Data bundles

Data bundles are for you who only wants data

    Data SIM only deal - Incl. 3 GB in EU
  • 4GB
    Data 4G
    kr. 49,00
    30 days
  • Data SIM only deal - Incl. 5 GB in EU
  • 100GB
    Data 4G
    kr. 99,00
    30 days
  • Data SIM only deal - Incl. 8 GB in EU
  • 300GB
    Data 4G
    kr. 199,00
    30 days
  • Data SIM only deal - Incl. 14 GB in EU
  • 500GB
    Data 4G
    kr. 299,00
    30 days

Data plans

Never lose touch with loved ones whether you are using your phone to Skype, WhatsApp or email with our great value Data Plans is available in 4GB, 100GB, 300GB or 500GB

Did you buy your package in a store or via SMS?
Then you can see the content of your package here
Auto Top Up
Then you will always have money in your prepaid account, if you wish to pay as you go, or use services not included in a prepaid package
To use your phone abroad, you can sign up for auto top up on MyLebara. It is free to sign up
Keep your number
We only need your current phonenumber and SIM-card number, and then we will take care of the rest
Reliable network
Lebara is using Telenor & Telia's network for great coverage in Denmark