SIM not working

If your Lebara SIM card is not working, please try the following checks:

  • Have you activated your new Lebara SIM card? Dial a random local number and your Lebara SIM card will be activated once your connection is established.


  • Do you have enough credit on your SIM card? Check your balance on your My Lebara account or if possible, send a text to 5010 with the word "Balance" 


  • Are you connected to our network? Lebara or Telenor should be displayed on your phone screen. If you are not connected to our network, please check how to connect to our network.

  • Has your SIM card expired? Lebara SIM card and numbers are valid for up to 180 days (6 months) without any usage or top up made. If it has been more than 6 months since you've last used the SIM card, the number has expired and you'll not be able to have it re-opened.  However you can order a new free SIM card and number here.
  • How to connect to Lebara Network. Making an international call? If making an international call, please ensure you are dialling the international code, followed by the country code and finally by the mobile/landline number (without the 0 in the beginning). Here is a list of all country codes.


  • Did you insert your SIM card correctly? It might be the wrong way around! Double check this online, different phone models have different ways of doing this. 


  • Is your phone unlocked? If you bought your mobile phone with another company, the phones are normally locked to that company. If it is locked you will usually need to contact the phone company that it's locked to, and ask them to unlock it for you. If having performed the above steps your new SIM card is still not working, please request a new SIM card. 

If you have been through the steps above and it's still not working, you can order a new SIM on My Lebara.

You can also request a free new Lebara SIM and number here.