Your call history

Call History for the last 90 days only:

To view your call & data history, you will need to register your Lebara number to My Lebara by clicking here and following the below steps:

  • Enter your Lebara number and click continue.
  • Enter the SMS code sent to you via SMS and then click continue.
  • Complete your name, email address and residential address. 
  • Click submit my order and you will receive a text with your
    My Lebara password. 

Once you have registered to My Lebara, login here and follow the below steps to view the last 90 days of your call & data history:

  1. On the dashboard, click call history in the left menu.
    Important: Your data usage history is logged along with your call history and is distinguished from your call history by the call duration information which will display data usage as KB (kilobytes) whilst call usage will be displayed as the length of the call.
  2. On the call history page, choose the dates you wish to view.
  3. Once chosen, click print which is located to the right of the call history page. 

Call History for more than 90 days:

If you want call history information between 90 days and 12 months, you'll need to contact an agent.