Changing your plan

Want to change to a different package?

You can change your package at any time, but remember that your current package will still be active.

Just make sure it doesn’t automatically renew by sending a text to 5010 with “keyword*stop”.

If you have added a package by mistake, we can refund you the money to your balance if you haven’t used any of the allowance yet.

If you want this, please contact the agent team with the following:

  • Your Lebara mobile number. Your ICCID number (at the back of the SIM Card) or PUK code.
  • A country and number you call frequently with your Lebara mobile.
  • Your last top up and how much you topped up.
  • Your last top up method (online or from a shop).

Want to stop or cancel a plan?
If you would like to stop or cancel a plan, just text the following: the keyword *stop with no spaces to 5010.

Example: DATAM*stop