Activating a plan

You can check our products to find out what the best package is for you.

Activate a Lebara data or prepaid package.

You can buy our prepaid or data plans directly from our online shop using your payment card. Alternatively you can send a SMS with the keyword of your chosen plan to 5010. Make sure you have the required amount on your balance. You will receive a final SMS confirmation of your order. See our different package here:

Renew your data or prepaid package.
Data and prepaid plans will renew upon expiring after 30 days as long as you have the sufficient credit on your payment card or balance on your Lebara SIM card for the cost of the package. You will receive an email (Online purchased plans) or a SMS alert before your plan is due to expire, reminding you it will be automatically renewed. If you do not wish to renew your pass then please switch it off online or reply to the text with “keyword*stop”. 

Incorrect balance to automatically renew your package
If you do not have the correct balance for the automatic renewal of your expired package, you will receive an email (online purchased plan) or SMS alert that your package will not be renewed. If you wish to add a new package, you will then need to buy a new one online or top up and re-send a SMS to 5010 with the correct keyword.

Check the balance of your package
Visit My Lebara to check the balance of your active package or you can send a text to 5010 with the word “Balance”.

Alternatively you can call 50101234 and choose option 4.

How many packages can be added to an account?
You can only have one package active on your Lebara SIM card. They are valid in 30 days and only the data packages can be renewed if you use up your total allowance before the 30 days have passed.

If you have used up all the data in your prepaid package, you buy a Data Bolt On via text.