Sim only Deal
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Terms for SIM only deals

These terms are valid if you buy the SIM only Deal on or on our app with your creditcard

We have the following SIM only Deals:

  • GetSmall OL: 5 hours in DK + 60 countries & 5GB valid in Denmark, 3 GB of which can be used in EU - 49 kr.
  • GetMed OL: 10 hours in DK + 60 countries & 10GB valid in Denmark, 4 GB of which can be used in EU - 69 kr
  • Getall OL: 100 hours in DK + 60 countries & 100GB valid in Denmark, 5 GB of which can be used in EU - 99 kr
  • Geton OL: 200 hours in DK + 60 countries & 200GB valid in Denmark, 6 GB of which can be used in EU - 119 kr.


1 - Included in the SIM only deal

1.1 The SIM only deal include either 5, 10, 100, or 200 hours, which can be used on calls in Denmark or from Denmark to the countries that are included in the deal, free SMS to Danish mobile numbers and, respectively 5, 10, 100, or 200 GB data per which can be used in Denmark.

1.2 The call connection fee is DKK 0 on all calls included in the SIM only deals.

1.3 In the SIM only deals, 3, 4, 5, 6 GB of data for use in the EU (roaming) is included if your SIM only deal is active and if you have 3, 4, 5, 6 GB left in the deal. If you use more or you deal isn’t active you will then be charged per MB.

1.4 You can use the hours to call in Denmark and to the following countries, both landline & mobile: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, China, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam.

The included hours can also be used for listening to voicemail. The calls can NOT be used to dial 900 numbers or other special and highly rated numbers. Special rates apply here as well as call connection fee. You can’t use the hours for call forwarding to Danish mobile or landline numbers.

1.5 Free SMS have a Fair Usage Policy of max 3000 pcs. per SIM only deal in Denmark. Free SMS does not apply to content-charged SMS’ and SMS to foreign countries. SMS must not be machine sent, sent as a series of identical SMS messages to the same recipient, used for harassment where individuals or groups are spammed, or used commercially.

1.6 Mobile data: There are respectively. 5GB, 10GB, 100GB, or 200GB in the SIM only deals. The speed of mobile data in a given area depends on your physical position, number of users on same position, as well as coverage conditions such as woodlands and hills.
We offer 4G mobile data with a max. speed of 71 Mbit / s download and 43 Mbit / s upload. You will usually experience speeds of between 30% and 80% of this.
To be able to use mobile data, you need a mobile phone with access to the Internet, or a USB modem or a PC with the possibility of inserting a SIM card. Purchasing a USB modem is your responsibility as a customer and Lebara does not guarantee the functionality of the subscription, and we do not have the responsibility for the lack of functionality due to faulty USB modems or the lack of / incorrect configuration of the Internet settings.

2 - Purchase of prepaid subscriptions

2.1 Buy your SIM only deal here at or at our app. You can purchase the SIM only deal from our website with your credit card. The SIM only deal will be renewed directly from your credit card.

2.2 If you are not a Lebara customer in advance, you can move your number to Lebara or choose a new number and add our most popular sim only deal with 100 GB + 100 hours. Your sim only deal will be made available as soon as you activate your new Lebara SIM card.

3 - Validity

3.1 SIM only deals are valid for 30 days from activation. If you haven’t used hours, data and SMS within 30 days it will be removed. The validity period is continuous and therefore does not follow a calendar month.

You can get a SIM only deal switched to call credit. You must send an email to customer service. The mail must contain telephone number, SIM card number and valid ID with picture. ID must be submitted encrypted with separate password sent. The exchange to credit is calculated linearly. If you want to exchange the SIM only deal to credit after 27 days from activating of a 30-day package, 10% of the package's original purchase price is added as credit. The credit can be used to calling, chat services, train tickets, other packages, etc ..

4 - Renewal and purchase of additional prepaid mobile subscriptions

4.1 The SIM only deal will automatically be renewed after 30 days or when hours / data are exhausted. If there is no coverage on your chosen payment method, you will be charged basic prices per minute, per mb and per SMS. You can see our current basic prices here.

5 - Changing SIM only deal

5.1 You can switch to another SIM only deal or you can switch to a data bundle whenever you want to. If you want a different SIM only deal or a data bundle you just purchase the new one you want and automatic renewal will be removed from the old one. If you have hours or data left in your SIM only deal these will be added to the new one.

6 - Cancel auto renewing of SIM only deal

6.1 You must actively cancel renewal of your SIM only deal on your MyLebara account under "My Products". Here you can turn off automatic renewal.

7 – See your usages

7.1 You can follow your usage at any time and see remaining minutes / SMS / MB data using the following options:

  • At MyLebara
  • Via SMS with the word "balance" to 5010
  • When calling 50101234

7.2 We will send you a text message with warning when you have 30 minutes left of your included minutes and / or 1 GB data left of your included data.


8 – Prices which isn’t included in you SIM only deal

8.1 If you need to send MMS, buy a bus tickets or other things that are not included in your SIM only deal, you need to consider ordinary call credit on your call credit account.

8.1 You can see our current prices like MMS here.