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Enjoy 4G

How can I activate 4G?

Set up your data service
Buy a bundle with data or send DATA to 22333
Set up your mobile
Set up your mobile to surf in 4G. Select 4g in the settings.
Send SI4G
Send SI4G to 22333

Is your SIM or mobile not compatible with 4G?

  1. If your SIM is not compatible, you can order a new SIM here, select the "I don't want a portability" option.
  2. When you receive your new SIM, you have to call to Customer Service, calling 2222, to activate your new SIM.
  3. If you receive a message telling you that your mobile is not compatible with 4G is because we have this information in our systems. However, if you want to activate 4G because your mobile is compatible, you have to send SI4G to 22333 again.


Fast Speed
Watch a video, download an app or open a web will be faster
The best 4G network
Check here the 4G network. Check here
Videoconference and Games
Play online or make videoconference without any cut-off

Send SI4G to 22333 and activate your 4G now