• 1GB
    Internet 4G+
    200 Flexi mins to France and more than 40 destinations
    30 days
  • Online exclusive offer
  • 3GB
    Internet 4G+
    1000 Flexi mins to France and more than 40 countries
    30 days
  • Online exclusive offer
  • 5GB
    Internet 4G+
    Unlimited Flexi mins to France and More than 40 destinations
    30 days
Total control
Manage your own account. Top Up your account online or in-store
No contract
No contracts with Lebara. Our plans last up to 30 days so you can stay free!
FREE Lebara
Keep in touch with your close ones with free calls & texts to French Lebara numbers
Best rates
Lebara offers competitive national & international call rates worldwide

Discover our all-in-one bundles

Calls and SMS to France and international and Internet in 4G+.

These bundles are really all in one: calls and SMS to France and more than 40 destinations + 4G+ internet. Enjoy the quality of our network in France and abroad to communicate with your loved ones. All our bundles are without commitment and no RIB required.

Our All-In-One mobile bundles are among our most versatile offers. They allow you to enjoy calls, SMS and an internet envelope at an advantageous price. All our all-in-one bundles are non-committing and allow you to contact the international.

Lebara, one of the best phone operators in France, makes itself a comparator and helps you choose the best option. Among the virtual operators in France, we rely on the network of our supplier, Orange.

Mobile Internet+ calls + SMS + international contact = discover our all-in-one bundles!

A versatile bundle that doesn’t ruin you!

Our non-committing all-in-one mobile bundles are perfect for users with diverse but limited needs. Like the traditional blocked bundle, they include a limited call time and SMS number. They are part of the complete Lebara mobile offers for less than 20€/month.

Limited or unlimited international calls

Our all-in-one offers allow you to enjoy unlimited minutes of calls or unlimited calls(5GB) to France and more than 40 other countries. Know that you will be able to communicate with Europe, Asia and North America. The 5GB unlimited offer is an online exclusivity, you can get it through our website.

Would you like to be able to call during your stay abroad? You can. With the end of roaming (2017), you can make calls from Europe and the overseas departments as you would in France. The countries of the European Union, Liechenstein, Norway and Iceland are concerned.

A mobile data envelope ideal for ad-hoc needs

Need to browse the web from time to time with your mobile phone? Note that these bundles have an envelope between 1 and 5GB of mobile internetin 4G/4G+. To turn on 4G+ and enjoy faster throughput, simply send “4G” by SMS to 2241 (free).

You should also know that these data are valid in France, but also within the EU (including the DOM). Your Internet envelope can be used from all European countries concerned by the end of roaming. Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Orange.

Between 200 and 500 SMS for text lovers

By subscribing to an all-in-one mobile bundle, you benefit from 200 to 500 SMS to send to France. Ideal for all “texters” who like to be able to send messages with or without the Internet. You can send these messages to all mobile numbers in France, without restriction

Good to know: all SMS sent to the numbers of our network operator are free and unlimited! This means that they will not be deducted from your 200 or 500 SMS envelope.

Are you interested in these mobile bundles? Keep your number!

Thanks to portability, you can subscribe to Lebara mobile offerswhile keeping your phone number! Yes, you understand. You can keep your current number free of charge. Just let us terminate your services with another mobile operator, you have nothing to do!

The Lebara portability process is fast and simple. Here’s how to transfer your number to a Lebara SIM:

  • New customers? Choose your all-in-one mobile offer on ;

  • Order your SIM card ;

  • Check the option: "Transfer your number" ;

  • Get your RIO code by calling 3179 (free) ;

  • Provide us with the relevant number and its RIO code ;

  • Once the card is received, insert it into your smartphone/phone ;

  • Its temporary number will be activated and your request for portability will be forwarded to your former operator ;

  • You will receive the date of activation of your old/current number on your Lebara SIM within 3 working days (excluding weekends).

Cumulate 2 Lebara bundles and/or 2 SIM cards!

If your phone has the multi SIM option, it is quite possible to combine several Lebara SIM cards. The multi SIM is a real advantage if you want to have two numbers without changing phone. This additional option is ideal for accessing your business and personal number at the same time, for example. The assurance of a quiet holiday!

In addition, you also have the option of accumulating our bundles. You can subscribe to multiple bundles at the same time on the same phone or not.

Enjoy the multi SIM and the cumulation of bundles with Lebara!

Can I use a Lebara SIM card on my tablets?

Of course. You can use your Lebara SIM cards on all your devices with a SIM slot without any problems. For optimal use, it is sufficient that said device is unlocked. This statement is valid if it has been blocked by your former operator(s).

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(*) Illimité - Durée maximum d’un appel : 2h, appels et SMS jusqu’à 99 destinataires différents maximum sur la durée du forfait. L’utilisation d’un kit main libre est recommandé. Offres soumises à conditions sous réserve de couverture réseau et d’équipement compatible, hors numéros spéciaux. Les forfaits incluant à la fois une enveloppe d’appels voix et de communications internet ne peuvent être souscrits qu’une seule fois par période de 30 jours.
Les offres sont valables jusqu'au 15/07/2022 inclus.

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