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Call Credit Transfer



Would you like to topup your friends and family mobile phone call credit in Tunisia, Romania, Senegal or somewhere else in the world?

It’s Easy ! Topup the call credit of your friends and family directly on their mobile phone in 3 simple steps described below.

  • Very low costs
  • Fast & easy transfer of small amounts of money!
  • User-friendly
  • Instant service available globally
  • FREE from Lebara number to Lebara number within France!
How to transfer?
Send ENVOI*06XXXXXXXX by SMS to 22241 for a foreign operator add the code of the country!
Get rates
Receiving a message detailing the amounts to be transferred with the transfer fee due
Transfer done!
The recipient receive the value and you receive a message confirming the transaction
Set amount
Respond to the message by selecting the desired amount (A,B,C or D)
Do you need a SIM first ?
Free delivery


(*) Illimité - Durée maximum d’un appel : 2h, appels et SMS jusqu’à 99 destinataires différents maximum sur la durée du forfait. L’utilisation d’un kit main libre est recommandé.

Offres soumises à conditions sous réserve de couverture réseau et d’équipement compatible, hors numéros spéciaux.

Conditions générales