How do I choose my bundle?

Need help choosing a Lebara subscription/bundle? You have criteria and preferences, but have trouble deciding? We will do everything to help you by giving you the keys to know which mobile bundle to choose.

Surfing bundles? Unlimited calling bundles in France? Calling abroad bundles? Discover the recommended bundles and follow the guide!

A flexible and stress-free mobile bundle

In metropolitan France, mobile phone rates vary widely between telecom operators. To get the best bundle, choose the one that really fits your usage. You can consume more or less SMS or internet data. Until MMS is also included in our offers, you will still be able to communicate via an instant messaging application such as What’s App, Viber, Skype thanks to the internet envelope included in your mobile bundle. Depending on your budget and your communication habits, to choose the mobile bundle that is most interesting for you in terms of destinations and communication times, to communicate serenely with your family and friends.

Monthly Bundles

-2h to France for 2€
-Unlim calls/SMS to France from 4,99€
- Unlim calls to 43 countries from 9,99€
- 4G+ connection up to 100GB

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International Pass

- From 30 to 120 international minutes
- Including some African and EU countries
- Validity 14 days

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Data Pass

- From 1 to 40GB
- 4G+ Connection
- 30 days validity

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Many preferred destinations

With Lebara, simply and quickly get your bundle at an attractive price. Depending on the bundle you choose, you can call freely to many destinations, communicate via SMS or surf the internet. By comparing the solutions offered according to the different destinations on our website, you can easily see the benefits of our offers and find the solution that best suits your needs. For example, it is possible to cumulate your bundle with an International Pass if you wish to communicate to destinations that are not included in your bundle such as Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia. At any time, you can decide to suspend active bundles on your SIM card by connecting to your personal space on our website.

With our non-committing bundles, you can call freely to many destinations, not only in Europe but also in other countries. For example, this is the case for Spain, Romania, Poland and Portugal. From France, you can also call the USA, Canada, India and China. Thanks to our online selection tool, you will be able to compare our different offers and choose the solution that best suits your needs: you will never exceed your bundle. It’s easy to sign up for the non-committing bundle that best suits your calling destinations and budget. If you use up your credit, no problem. Simply reload the same SIM card and you keep the same number.

New bundles, same number and without subscription

By using our topups, you can call by the minute, send SMS and surf the internet with data. Since non-committing bundles can be combined, you can organize your consumption as you see fit. With the monthly 9,99€/10GB plan, you can call and send unlimited SMS to France. You can also make unlimited calls to 43 destinations, including Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Mayotte, Singapore, Thailand and more. With our non-committing bundles, you will have a solution perfectly adapted to your needs and your use.

Bundles really without surprises

All the bundles we offer are really without surprises. You can make unlimited calls to your family or friends in France with complete peace of mind, because no overrun is possible since each new bundle is blocked. By subscribing to one of our non-committing offers, you will also be able to surf the internet from France. Our blocked bundles have a fixed price and allow you to easily control your spending. Thus, you are sure to never exceed the envelope of calls and SMS included in the package. In addition, the number of texts to another Lebara bundle in France is unlimited.

The terms of use of our various options are simple and easily accessible. Our offer is based on clearly explained bundles. They give you access to call durations and SMS volumes that you know in advance. So you only pay for what you consume, whether you need it big or small. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to know all our promotions or special series.

Subscription facility and no formalities

Our non-committing bundles offer you simplicity and flexibility, all at no extra cost. Unlike most of our competitors, subscribing to all our mobile bundles does not require any formalities. You do not sign a contract, we do not ask for your RIB. We do not require proof of the existence of a French bank account.

You have subscribed to a mobile bundle with another operator but are not satisfied? Visit Lebara to optimize your phone usage and avoid unpleasant surprises on your bills. We offer different offers so that you find the best mobile bundle according to your needs and uses. If you need to call a specific country, you can use our comparator on the “or would you like to call” home page. You will find many shopping options. There are many telecom operators such as B&You, Bouygues Telecom, Red by SFR or Orange but we are the only ones to offer unlimited calls to fixed and mobile phones in Europe and overseas and on a quality network so do not wait to enjoy it!

Which mobile bundle should I choose if I need to call very often?

Do you need to make calls in France, Europe or elsewhere regularly? Would you like to avoid worrying about time and extra cost? Which non-committing bundle to choose? Among our mobile offers, several allow you to enjoy unlimited calls in France or abroad.

Which ones?

Our monthly bundles to call in France and internationally

All our monthly bundles give you unlimited calls to France and some also to 43 international destinations (including the EU and the DOM). Do you want to be able to call landlines and mobiles without distinction? Good news! This is possible with any Lebara monthly bundle. You can call fixed and mobile from France, as well as those from all the countries included in the list.

Good to know: our exclusive unlimited all-in-one bundle also allows you to call unlimited to these destinations.

Our unlimited calling bundles to France

If you choose one of our unlimited bundles, you will be able to call in France without time limit. Moreover, from the 50GB offer, you will be entitled to 2 hours of calls to 43 foreign countries, landlines and mobile included.

Our Lebara unlimited bundles are ideal if you want to call very often in France and occasionally abroad. You can still call regularly to these countries, but within the limit of 2 hours included.

Big call needs in France, more limited needs abroad? Go for it!

Good to know: if you need to compare, do not hesitate to use our comparison page. You can do this by selecting the corresponding country above.

Which mobile bundle should I choose if I need a lot of mobile data?

Do you need to surf the internet very frequently? Do you like being able to play online, watch series streaming or download documents? Many of our bundle may be suitable for you.

Monthly bundles include a generous internet envelope

Our mobile bundles are among the most provided in internet data! Indeed, they give you a generous envelope. Every month, you can enjoy 1GB to 200GB of mobile internet on your smartphone. You can surf freely via the mobile network 4G or 4G+ and a high-quality fast speed.

Some of our unlimited bundles will make you happy

Many of our unlimited bundles have a particularly generous data envelope. For the “datavores”, we have planned 70GB, 130GB or 200GB to enjoy the virtual world serenely on your phone.

Need more data?

Need to complete your prepaid card, your bundle or simply need data? Our Internet Passes will satisfy you. Indeed, you will be able to buy a single internet envelope between 1GB and 40GB. Our Lebara Internet Passes are ideal for completing a mini bundle or a prepaid topup. You can also add some data to your bundle if you are short.

Surf in all lightness!

I live in a rural area, do I have access to all the bundles?

Of course. Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Orange. Luckily, Orange is the number one network in urbans and rural areas! In other words, our Lebara network covers nearly 99% of the French territory. Your connection will be of quality in the majority of the cities of France.

However, if you wish, you can carry out an eligibility test by consulting the Orange network coverage card. This way, you will know if you are covered by the network, but also by 4G/4G+.

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