Discover Lebara bundles for small budgets

You have a small budget and would like to discover the most advantageous bundle for you? You don’t want to spend a lot on your mobile bundle and would like to discover THE right plan? Note that at Lebara, we offer several bundle offers with multiple benefits at less than 10€/month! If you want to benefit from a minimalist or versatile offer at low prices, you are in the right place!

Discover the best Lebara mobile bundles for small budgets!

The 2 hours bundle at 2€ per month

Save your money with our 2 hours bundle at only 2€ per month! Accessible to the smallest budget, this bundle is one of our best deals. You only want to be able to call in France? With this bundle, you can call for 2 hours!

In addition, the 2 hours bundle is ideal for all users who want to keep their number during their absence. You travel outside Europe and would still like to keep your number? For only 2€ of your monthly budget, this is possible! Subscribe to this mobile bundle in automatic renewal the time of your stay!

Need to keep your number or call at low rates? This subscription is for you!

Prepaid mobile bundles from 5€

Need flexibility and total control over your consumption? Want to pay for what you only consume? Opt for our prepaid mobile bundles with reloads. From 5€, you can enjoy calls and SMS in France and abroad. All our prepaid cards are valid for 90 days.

How do I reload them? Nothing is easier. You can reload your card online or at one of our 40,000 points of sale in France! Our refills are available in some shops, Relay points and most tobacco offices.

You can also enjoy free and unlimited calls and text messages between Lebara France numbers. Perfect if your loved ones also have a Lebara number!

The full bundle at less than 10€ per month

Among our online exclusives, you will find our monthly bundle at 9.99€! You can enjoy a complete and versatile bundle at smart price! Less than 10€ monthly, you will be entitled:

  • 40GB of internet in 4G/4G+ ;

  • unlimited calls towards France ;

  • unlimited SMS towards France.

This no-commitment bundle can be automatically renewed each month if you wish. All you need to do is check a box on our website.

The XS Internet Pass

Our XS Internet Pass entitles you to 1GB of mobile data for only 4.99€ per month. You can complete your bundle or use it on your own. By completing our cheapest mobile recharge, you can enjoy a complete bundle for less than 10€! Without obligation, you can communicate freely on your smartphone.

Our Internet Passes give you access to the 4G and 4G+ network for high-speed navigation in France and Europe! You can also enjoy your envelope in the DOM. They are valid for 30 days!

Bonus: keep your phone number for 0€

New customers? No need to change your phone number! Thanks to portability, you can keep your old number when you request it. Would you like to subscribe to a Lebara bundle for small budgets and keep your number? Would you like to avoid wasting time informing all your contacts of your change of number? It’s very easy!

After choosing the offer that suits you, you just need to ask for the portability of your current phone number. To do this, you must obtain and provide us with its RIO (Operator Identification Statement) code. We strongly recommend that you do not terminate your service yourself at your former operator. Why? You risk seeing your number terminated and it would be, in fact, impossible to carry it to your Lebara SIM.

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