What are the disadvantages of committing mobile bundles?

Most of the competing mobile operators offer commitment mobile bundles. Lebara made the choice of freedom for the customer by offering only no-commitment offers. The mode of operation of commitment bundles can very quickly become a problem. Lack of flexibility, complicated terminations, expensive bundles...

Find out why commitment-free is a much better option for your mobile phone bundle!

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Commitment period may block subscriber

A commitment period of 12 or 24 months may block the user. In one or two years, a customer’s habits and needs may change. During the entire duration of the engagement, you will not be able to change your offer for free.

Yet, you surf more, have to call abroad (Europe/DOM/international) more often or on the contrary need less data? Are you sending more and more SMS? The commitment bundle requires you to bear the conditions of an offer during the given periods.

With no-commitment bundles, it's the opposite. You are free to change them whenever you want! In other words, automatic renewal can be stopped at any time. This gives you the possibility to switch and thus, choose a bundle that better corresponds to your present expectations.

Commitment bundles are often more expensive

It is no longer a secret, binding packages are often more expensive. On the other hand, the offers we offer adapt to your budget. You will find cheap and complete mobile bundles at less than 10€/month, a mini package at 2€, and much more...

Freedom has no price, especially when it makes you save money!

Termination of a commitment bundle can be expensive...

Cancelling a subscription before the end of the commitment can be very expensive for a customer. If you terminate before the first year, you will have to pay all remaining monthly instalments. In other words, if you have 14 months left...it hurts.

Cancelling a Lebara bundle costs you absolutely nothing. You can change it whenever you want without having to pay a penny for it.

Options for commitment bundles are often unnecessary

Subscriptions with commitment often include different options very rarely used by the customer. To encourage you to get involved, some mobile operators promise many included options. Only, little catch! Most of the time, clients rarely use these options during their commitment period. Paying more is not a good compromise...

Let’s get right to the point! Lebara offers you useful services that you can enjoy every day.

Not all commitment bundles are blocked

A commitment bundle is not necessarily blocked. The risk of this kind of formula is to generate an overage at the end of the month. A bad surprise on the bill that customers would do well without... When the consumption is not limited, the customer can exceed his bundle without realizing it.

The result? A higher bill to pay and unpleasant inconveniences to manage.

Subscribing to a Lebara mobile bundle is the guarantee to avoid overage. Our limited bundles, such as a blocked bundle, allow you to never pay more than desired.

Mobile phones sold with a commitment bundle are often simlocked

Quite often, when mobile operators offer you a smartphone with your committment bundle, it is blocked.

What is a blocked/simlocked mobile?

A “simlocked” smartphone is a phone that you can use only on the network of the operator you bought it from. If your mobile phone is locked on that operator’s network, you will not be able to use other SIM cards.

This means that you will not be able to use your smartphone with another operator’s SIM card. You can ask for it to be unlocked, but sometimes the procedures turn into a puzzle.

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