Non-committing mobile bundle:
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Monthly Bundles

-2h to France for 2€
-Unlim calls/SMS to France from 4,99€
- Unlim calls to 43 countries from 9,99€
- 4G+ connection up to 100GB

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International Pass

- From 30 to 120 international minutes
- Including some African and EU countries
- Validity 14 days

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Data Pass

- From 1 to 40GB
- 4G+ Connection
- 30 days validity

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Need freedom and modularity for your phone bundle? Discover the non-committing mobile bundle. Find all our advice on this category, and discover our various offers of mobile bundles without commitment at very interesting rates and customized.

Advantages of our bundles compared to a classic offer

With our range of no-commitment mobile bundles, choose from quality offers whose many advantages make you forget the classic offers of most telephone operators. The main strength of our offers is the fact that all our bundles are without commitment. No more subscriptions with a mobile operator, enjoy complete freedom of action. Be in control of your communications while keeping your mobile number if you wish.

A freedom that will take the extent you want in time. The standard bundle with commitment proposed by most telecom operators imposes very little flexibility in terms of use and termination. With a non-committing Lebara bundle, lift the barriers to change offers as many times as you want and whenever you want. In addition, you will be able to enjoy all our offers by having the opportunity to combine them.

Very often, the classic offers of an operator include a smartphone that requires you to respect a minimum commitment period and entails an additional cost. Our non-committing offer allows you to significantly reduce the amount of your bundle and keep your current phone or buy one for yourself at the best price.

Finally, our non-committing mobile bundles are easily accessible. Log in to our website online and after filling out a form with your name, first name, address, as well as your credit card details, you will receive your SIM card within 48 hours. No more cumbersome formalities to carry out or bank statement to provide. You can even keep your current mobile number, we do the portability for you as well as the steps to cancel your old bundle, all without commitment.

Recipients of our non-committing bundles

The non-committing bundle appeals to all those who wish to be able to make unlimited calls to Metropolitan France and occasionally abroad. In many cases, to benefit from international calls, a bundle offered by a conventional telecom operator must be adapted and involves a re-engagement. Our non-committing offer allows you to use the international calling options on an ad hoc basis. Whether it’s to Europe, the DOM or other countries, pay only for the length of time you want to use it.

If you don’t know where you are to choose a phone offer, the non-committing offer is fully tailored to your needs. No need to worry about the conditions of modulations of the offer and the possible fees if you had to change the bundle, you are free to consume the telephony as you see fit. Each non-committing bundle in our range includes calls to Metropolitan France and the DOM in unlimited, as well as to 43 countries including European countries, and unlimited SMS.

Are you looking for a mobile phone bundle that is also suitable for young people? The non-committing bundle is for you. According to your wishes, you can effectively control consumption and stop the bundle at any time or make it evolve to suit everyone’s needs. An impossible choice with a classic offer that sometimes entails fees for any change of bundle.

Finally, opting for a non-committing bundle allows many types of users to find their account. For people who don’t want to change their smartphone, the no-commitment offer is perfect in terms of value for money. No need to commit to a subscription with a duration commitment that is generally used to finance the device. With the non-committing offer, you pay the right price for your communications.

Non-committing bundles for unlimited international calls

The Lebara non-committing mobile bundles are the ideal way to call internationally. Our monthly and unlimited offers allow you to make calls to France and the DOM, and 43 countries in Europe and the world and to all fixed and mobile operators. The subscription to a cheap mobile bundle is possible, since our unlimited offers start at less than 5€/month. Here is the list of countries:

  • Germany ;

  • Austria ;

  • Bangladesh ;

  • Belgium ;

  • Bulgaria ;

  • Canada ;

  • China ;

  • Cyprus ;

  • Croatia ;

  • Denmark ;

  • Spain ;

  • Estonia ;

  • United States ;

  • Finland ;

  • Greece ;

  • Guadeloupe ;

  • French Guiana ;

  • Honk-Kong ;

  • Hungary ;

  • Faroe Islands ;

  • India ;

  • Ireland ;

  • Iceland ;

  • Italy ;

  • Latvia ;

  • Lithuania ;

  • Luxembourg ;

  • Malaysia ;

  • Martinique ;

  • Mayotte ;

  • Norway ;

  • Netherlands ;

  • Poland ;

  • Portugal ;

  • Czech Republic ;

  • Réunion ;

  • Romania ;

  • United Kingdom ;

  • Singapore ;

  • Slovakia ;

  • Sweden ;

  • Switzerland ;

  • Thailand.

Another solution to communicate abroad: the International Pass. It allows you to make calls at very attractive rates to a wide section of countries according to the formula you choose. The International Pass is non-committing and can be combined with your other offers. So it comes in addition to your communication hours from your main bundle. And you enjoy the quality of the network for your calls. You can turn it on or off whenever you want. A real boon when you only have a one-time need to call abroad. Three International Passes are at your disposal:

Non-committing bundles including data

All our non-committing bundles have a data envelope that can meet all your needs in this area. A set of Go available on the 4G+ network to give you complete satisfaction in the speed of connection.

For monthly bundles, you can subscribe to offers of:

As for international calls, there is an Internet Pass offer. Relying on a quality mobile network, you have an optimal connection and you can use the Internet everywhere in Metropolitan France with an excellent speed. If you are almost at the end of the data usage of your main bundle, use an Internet Pass to add to the remaining data.

We have 5 Internet Passes:

If you want to opt for a non-committing bundle while keeping your current number it’s simple. Ask your current operator for your RIO number, cancel your old mobile subscription and you’re done!

Unlimited - Maximum duration of a call: 2h, calls and SMS up to 99 different recipients maximum over the duration of the bundle. The use of a free hand kit is recommended. Offers subject to conditions subject to network coverage and compatible equipment, excluding special numbers. Bundles that include both a voice and Internet call envelope may be purchased only once per 30-day period.

Our prepaid phone cards without commitment

Our offer of prepaid phone cards is varied and adapts to all your needs. With Lebara, opting for a prepaid card means enjoying all the services offered by mobile bundles. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy calls, SMS and mobile internet coverage 4G/4G+ if that is your wish.

The benefits of our Lebara prepaid cards

The Lebara prepaid mobile card allows you to pay only for what you consume, such as limited blocked bundles. You will have the choice between several mobile topups ranging from 5€ to 30€, valid for 90 days. Consume at your own pace and according to your budget! Please note that from the remaining 3€ in your balance, you will be able to choose the “automatic reload” option. This means that your credit will be automatically reloaded when you only have 3€ left.

Our prepaid phone cards allow you to call in France and abroad (including the EU). You can send SMS and even enjoy unlimited free calls between Lebara France numbers!

As far as the internet is concerned, you can complete your prepaid bundle with one of our Internet Passes. You can choose from envelopes ranging from 1GB to 40GB of mobile data. Surf freely according to your needs!

Moreover, know that you have the possibility to reload your mobile card online, anytime! All you have to do is get your credit card. Off-website, our mobile topups are available at nearly 10,000 points of sale in France. You can find them in shops, Relay points and in most tobacco offices. If you are travelling abroad, you should be aware that you may be able to purchase them at certain post offices. We are present in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Good to know: know that our prepaid mobile offers are among the best offers for teens!

Enjoy Lebara’s full prepaid card!

A SIM card suitable for all mobile phones and tablets

Our non-committing Lebara SIM cards are suitable for all mobile phones as well as tablets. No matter which model you use. Whether it’s smartphones or basic phones, you can enjoy Lebara. Nevertheless, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the latter, an unavoidable condition is to be respected.

Unlocking your mobile

Indeed, it is essential that your phone is unlocked, that is usable with all mobile operators. Some mobile operators lock their mobile phones so that they can be used only under their network. If your mobile phone is ever locked, you will have to ask the operator concerned to unlock it. We strongly recommend that you do this before purchasing your Lebara SIM card. This way, you can enjoy your mobile bundle as quickly as possible.

Under which network is the Lebara SIM card functional?

Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Orange. After choosing the mobile bundle that suits you, you will receive your SIM card. You will need to insert it into your mobile, then you should see “Lebara” or “Orange” on the screen. However, if this is not the case, here are the steps to resolve your problem:

  • Go to the connection/network settings of your smartphone/basic phone ;

  • Check that the “Network” operator displays “LEBARA” or "Orange" ;

  • If not: select the manual network search ;

  • Reset your network settings by selecting another network ;

  • Manually search the network again and select “Lebara” or “Orange” ;

  • That's it! Your SIM card works under the Lebara network.

If you need assistance contacting your correspondents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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