Unlimited all-in-one bundle

Our unlimited all-in-one bundle is a Lebara online exclusive. This is one of our best deals available only through our website. Practical and complete, this offer allows you to enjoy a great freedom of consumption at a more than reasonable price.

Discover everything about our unlimited all-in-one bundle!

A complete offer with no call limits

The unlimited all-in-one Lebara bundle allows you to call to France and more than 40 international destinations at an advantageous rate. You will be able to contact recipients located in Europe, Asia, North America, North Africa and the Caribbean. Thanks to the end of roaming, you can also call with your mobile from Europe at no extra cost.

In addition, all calls between Lebara France numbers are unlimited too!

Make distance an ally with Lebara’s unlimited all-in-one bundle!

An ideal offer for mobile internet users

Need to browse the web with your smartphone? Know that this exclusive bundle gives you the right to an envelope of 5GB of internet in 4G/4G+. To activate 4G+, simply send “4G” by SMS to 2241 (free).

Note that these 5GB of data are valid in France, but also within the EU (DOM included). Thanks to the end of roaming (since 2017), your entire envelope will be usable in these countries as you would in France.

Surf high-speed in complete freedom with this mobile internet bundle!

Enough SMS for text messages lovers

This unlimited all-in-one bundle available on our website also allows you to receive 500 SMS messages that can be used in France. Ideal for all "texting" lovers of written conversations with or without the Internet.

Bonus! All SMS messages sent to Lebara France numbers are free and unlimited. Therefore, they will not be deducted from your 500 SMS envelope.

A non-committing bundle

Like all our other plans, as well as our prepaid top-ups, this subscription is non-committing. This means that you can stop auto-renewal whenever you want, at no cost. Simply visit our website or MyLebara app to cancel the renewal. You can change the Lebara bundle freely, if you wish.

Interested in this plan? Keep your current phone number!

Thanks to portability, you can easily keep your phone number. You understand. You can keep your old/current phone number for free. We strongly advise you not to terminate your services yourself with another operator, your number might be terminated at the same time.

The portability process is very fast. Here’s how to transfer your number to a Lebara SIM:

  • Order your SIM card on Lebara.fr ;

  • Check the option: "Transfer your number" ;

  • Get your RIO code by calling 3179 (free) ;

  • Provide us with the relevant number and its RIO code ;

  • Once the card is received, insert it into your smartphones/phones ;

  • Its temporary number will be activated and your request for portability will be forwarded to your former operator ;

  • You will receive the date of activation of your old/current number on your Lebara SIM within 3 working days (excluding weekends).

A complete and very advantageous exclusive bundle!

In short, the unlimited all-in-one bundle is one of the most advantageous because it adapts to you. Need to call? You can do it in France and in more than 40 foreign countries without time limits! Need to send messages with or without internet connection? You can do it up to 500 SMS per month valid to France! Need to surf the internet? Enjoy 5GB valid in France and from EU countries and countries concerned by the end of roaming.

Enjoy better communication every day thanks to one of the best operators!

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