S Internet Pass

The S Internet Pass is one of our various Internet Pass offers. It allows you to buy a 3GB internet data envelope in just a few clicks. It can be used for 30 days and allows you to use 4G/4G+ in France and in the EU. This pass, like our mobile bundles, is non-committing.

Find out more about the S Internet Pass in Lebara, one of the best internet operators!

What are the benefits of the S Internet Pass?

Our S Pass allows you to enjoy a 3GB mobile internet envelope for 30 days.

An Internet Pass without commitment and cumulative

Our S Pass is non-committing. This means you don’t have to renew it if you don’t want to. Would you like a renewable Pass? Don’t worry! We are planning automatic renewal with a tacit renewal every 30 days. To cancel it, simply uncheck the box in the customer area of our site or via our MyLebara App. In other words, you can change your Pass whenever you want.

In addition, our Internet Passes can be combined with another offer. Whether it’s a prepaid bundle with mobile recharge or a monthly bundle, you can enjoy it simultaneously!

A pass that can be used with your connected objects!

Our S Internet Pass can easily be converted into a small mobile box for smartphones and other devices. Indeed, you can use it with all your connected objects with ease.

Enjoy mobile internet wherever you are with the object you like!

Use your S Pass when travelling in the EU!

Want to browse the web during your travels? Thanks to the end of roaming (2017), you can enjoy your internet envelope as you would in France. You can surf up to 3GB during your stay in EU countries. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are also concerned.

To get the 4G+ option, simply send “4G” by SMS to 22241 while you are still in France. If you are unable to use your S Internet Pass in Europe, configure your mobile by clicking here.

Enjoy the internet and stay connected wherever you are!

Who is our S Internet Pass intended for?

Our S Internet Pass is ideal for all regular but moderate mobile internet users. With 3 GB, you can enjoy daily:

  • social medias ;

  • your engine research ;

  • e-mails ;

  • music, for example.

When should you choose a larger data envelope?

Are you a daily fan of video streaming, online games, TV/movie downloads or shared connection? We advise you to bet on a larger data envelope. Indeed, these digital activities consume a lot of data and you might find yourself short.

Moreover, this pass is absolutely ideal if you opt for our mobile topups. You can accumulate them with this pass and enjoy mobile internet as with a monthly mobile bundle!

How does the S Pass work?

Under which network will I surf?

Lebara relies on the mobile network of its provider, Orange. You therefore benefit from excellent, fast and high-quality coverage. Internet access is guaranteed on nearly 99% of the territory. To ensure that you are covered, do not hesitate to consult the network coverage map.

I am a new customer, how to subscribe to this pass?

If you are a new Lebara customer, simply click on “Buy” then... "with a SIM”. Want to accumulate mobile recharge and S Pass? You can do this by sending the code “WEBSML” by SMS to activate the mobile bundle at 22241.

How do I disable the renewal?

Would you like to deactivate the renewal of your Pass? Send free “WEBSML*STOP” to 22241.

How do I activate the 4G+ of my S Pass?

To activate the high-speed 4G+ option of your Pass, send “4G” by SMS to 2241 (free).

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