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 All of our cards are all in one SIM's, meaning that you can use them in all devices that support Nano, Mini or Standard sized SIM cards. All you have to do is break off the required size and insert it into your device.


Need a suitable solution to phone with your mobile phone? Choose our prepaid SIM card that allows you all the uses you need. Operation, optimization and flexibility, discover the benefits of our prepaid SIM card.

How do our prepaid cards work?

A prepaid card is a non-committing offer, unlike traditional phone subscription offers that require you to register your credit card and keep your bundle for several months, even if you are not satisfied. Using a prepaid SIM card, you purchase a communication credit term in the reverse of the bundle that requires a recurring monthly payment. Lebara prepaid cards offer all the services offered by mobile bundles, namely calls, SMS and mobile Internet in 4G+ coverage.

After ordering your prepaid phone card online, you receive it directly at home and install it easily on your mobile phone. You can then use your phone at the amount chosen on the card. No overrun possible. However, prepaid cards are rechargeable. So you can top up your credit base directly online, in stores, in a tobacco office… and enjoy calls to landlines and mobile phones and sending SMS at the best rates. Please note that our prepaid cards offer unlimited free calls between Lebara France numbers.

Lebara offers several rechargeable prepaid cards. First, reloads with a fixed amount including the SIM card plus a certain amount of communication. This offer is intended for people who use their phone punctually. We offer rechargeable prepaid cards with amounts ranging from 5€ to 30€. Then we offer you a free prepaid SIM card that you will be able to credit according to your needs. You are free to charge your SIM card the amount you want. Reloading is easy online with your credit card and in more than 10,000 stores such as Relay stores and tobacco stores in France. The validity period of our SIM card is 90 days. Our prepaid phone card offers are designed to suit your needs.

The ideal solution to optimize its consumption

Choosing among Lebara prepaid cards is an ideal solution to optimize your consumption. If your fears are a regular bundle overrun or mismanagement, the prepaid card is your best option. This offer allows you to use your mobile phone more flexibly. No need to pay for a bundle when you only use it occasionally. No risk of exceeding your consumption related to your bundle. Avoid unpleasant surprises, by effectively tracking the consumption history of your prepaid card as closely as possible with the MyLebara app. You will also find the invoice for all your credit purchases and the remaining validity of your card as well as the remaining communication time.

The use of Lebara rechargeable prepaid cards is advantageous for people whose use of the mobile phone is not daily but occasional. Do you make few calls that don’t last long? Choose a prepaid SIM card and get a real help for your budget. Similarly, Lebara Rechargeable Prepaid Cards allow you to communicate internationally and meet a one-time need without breaking the bank with a more expensive bundle. Finally, rechargeable prepaid cards are your best asset to keep in touch with your loved ones. This solution allows you to contact them abroad without the risk of having to pay for a bundle overrun.

A flexible prepaid phone card

Lebara is the possibility to choose between several formulas adapted to your needs in terms of telephone communication. You can choose a free SIM card that is non-committing and allows you a free reload in communication credit. Moreover, calls made between Lebara numbers are free of charge, so they are not deducted from your recharge. We also offer five SIM cards ranging from 5€ to 30€ with a fixed charge. Finally, if you prefer a solution without computational constraints, you can always choose a SIM card coupled to a plan. Depending on your wishes, choose from our monthly bundles that can include calls in metropolitan and/or international France and unlimited SMS, with an internet credit. Choose the combination that fits your consumption habits. Take advantage of an all-in-one offer and our mobile internet bundles only to surf the Internet.

If you are hesitant between several formulas for your phone, know that they are all without commitment. This way you can just as easily buy a credit/top-up formula to turn it into a bundle whenever you want. You can also switch from a Lebara offer to another Lebara offer at any time. Finally, you can combine several offers and have both a bundle and one or more prepaid rechargeable cards. Our goal is to offer you access to a multitude of offers and allow you to consume as you want and where you want, Europe or international.

The benefits of our prepaid SIM cards

Our various prepaid SIM cards offer you many advantages. Whether it is for a bundle or for a recharge/credit, we offer you unlimited calls and SMS to other numbers.

Moreover, you have no formalities to subscribe to our offers. Go directly to our website and in a few clicks, your SIM card is ordered and delivered to your home within 48 hours free of charge. You will receive a triple cut SIM card that allows you to have macro, micro and nano formats.

All the prepaid SIM cards we offer are available without commitment. However, you can allow the automatic reload of your SIM card as soon as your reload threshold reaches 3€. This option remains an option that you can deactivate whenever you want. At any time, you can follow the history of your communications and find your invoices on your MyLebara online space. With our prepaid SIM cards, you don’t need to change your phone number. Keep yours by transferring your RIO code to us.

Finally, if you need a Lebara recharge, recharge your communication credit directly on our site using your credit card. All our refills are also available in nearly 10,000 points of sale throughout France, such as Relay stores and tobacco stores. And if you are abroad, also find refills in post offices.

Noo need to change your phone number!

Thanks to portability, you can keep your old number if you request it. Do you want to enjoy it and avoid having to inform all your contacts about the change? It’s very simple!

All you have to do is request the portability of this number, obtain and provide us with its RIO (Operator Identification Statement) code. We strongly recommend that you do not terminate your service yourself at your former operator. Keep in mind that your number may be cancelled and that it would be impossible to carry it to your Lebara SIM.

A SIM card suitable for all mobile phones and tablets

Our non-committing SIM cards are suitable for all mobile phones, as well as tablets. Regardless of the model, whether you use smartphones or basic phones, you can enjoy the Lebara SIM card. However, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the latter, you will have to comply with certain conditions.

First of all, your mobile phone must be unlocked, that is to say adaptable to all mobile operators. Some operators lock their mobile phones so that they can be used only under their network. However, if your smartphone or basic phone is locked, you will need to request its unlocking. In order to avoid wasting time, we recommend that you do so before purchasing your SIM card.

How do I request the unlocking of my mobile phone?

You have a locked mobile phone in your possession? The process is simple. All you have to do is contact your former mobile operator and ask them to unlock the mobile phone. Once unlocked, your Lebara SIM card will work perfectly. If you receive a negative response to your request, you will need to use an unlocked and ready-to-use mobile.

Under which network is the Lebara SIM card functional?

Lebara relies on the network of its provider, Orange. Once your SIM card is ordered and received, insert it into your device. Normally, after dialing your PIN, you should see “Lebara” or “Orange” displayed on the screen. If not, here is how to fix the problem:

  • Go to the network/connection settings of your smartphone/phone ;

  • Check that the “Network” operator displays “LEBARA” or “Orange” ;

  • If not: select the manual search of your network ;

  • Reset settings by selecting another network ;

  • Perform the manual search again and this time select “Lebara” or “Orange” ;

  • That's it! Your sim card works under the Lebara network.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use two Lebara SIM cards at the same time?

Of course. If your smartphone is equipped with dual sim (dual SIM), you can absolutely enjoy two Lebara SIM cards at the same time. This option is particularly useful if you want to accumulate a monthly mobile bundle and prepaid SIM cards (mobile reload), for example. In addition, it is also ideal if you want to have a professional telephone number exclusively for your activities.

How do I request the portability of my number to a Lebara SIM?

Here is the complete process for transferring your number to a Lebara SIM card:

  • Order your SIM card on Lebara.fr ;

  • Select the “Transfer your number” option ;

  • Get your RIO code by calling 3179 (free) ;

  • Give us the relevant number and its RIO code ;

  • Once the card is received, insert it into the phone ;

  • Its temporary number will be activated and your request for portability will be forwarded to your former operator (you have nothing to do!) ;

  • You receive the activation date of your old number on your Lebara SIM (within 3 working days, excluding weekends).

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