How many internet GB to choose according to your needs?

Do you surf the web from time to time or regularly with your smartphone? Are you a “datavore” and consume a lot of data daily? So, it is essential that you know how to choose your internet bundle at best.

Depending on your consumption habits and your desires, you will have to choose the right number of GB. Our diverse and varied internet offers allow each of you to find the perfect bundle.

Let see about that!

How to estimate your mobile data consumption?

To choose the bundle that will suit you perfectly, you need to estimate your daily usage. To do this, we recommend that you try to identify your habits.

How many minutes/hours do you spend playing online? Watching series/movies in streaming? Listening to music? These different hobbies consume a lot of mobile data and can quickly exhaust your envelope.

To properly analyze yourself, we advise you to follow your habits accurately over a week. To do this, note the number of MB or GB consumed each day, as well as the services used. By averaging at the end of the week, you can estimate what you need on a monthly basis.

To give you a boost, here is the list of activities that consume the most data.

Internet services most demanding in mobile data

  • Video calls via apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger or Zoom ;

  • Connection sharing in modem mode ;

  • Watching video in streaming ;

  • Online video games ;

  • Backups in the Cloud.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you spend time doing these activities online? Then you will need a Lebara no-commitment bundle generous in GB.

Which Lebara bundle/Pass for which consumption habits?

Do you occasionally surf via the mobile web network?

You surf via the mobile web occasionally and prefer Wi-Fi? You do not consume a lot of data and the main thing for you is to be able to:

  • Consult your e-mails ;

  • Surf on websites ;

  • Search information on internet ;

  • Go on social medias ;

  • Consult the online press ;

  • Play downloaded videogames (outside updates) ?


Here are Lebara's bundles and Passes adapted to your needs:

  • 2GB monthly bundle ;

  • 1GB Internet Pass ;

  • 3GB Internet Pass ;

  • 7GB Internet Pass.

Do you use streaming or online games from time to time?

Do you surf regularly enough without considering yourself a datavore on a daily basis? Do you like to play online from time to time or watch videos streaming?

So your needs can be considered moderate.

Here are Lebara operator's offers most adapted to your needs:

  • The best bundle: 10GB monthly bundle ;

  • 7GB Internet Pass ;

  • 15GB Internet Pass.

With these offers, you can occasionally use streaming, play online or share your connection, for example.

Do you use mobile internet daily and consume a lot?

Are you a datavore and use the mobile internet daily? Are you streaming music, watching videos, playing online or using video calls? So you’re one of the highest-need subscribers.

Here are the no-commitment mobile bundles and Internet Passes made for you:

  • 40GB monthly bundle ;

  • 30GB Internet Pass ;

  • 7 and 15GB Internet Passes (to complete your mobile bundle, for example).

Thanks to Lebara’s high-speed 4G/4G+ connection, you can enjoy it in complete freedom! In France, in Europe (European Union and DOM included), in the countryside or in urban areas, have access to the mobile web! Play, read, watch movies and series in streaming, listen to music and share serenity! Your smartphone transforms into a small mobile box thanks to the Lebara advantages!

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