How do I cancel my mobile line or change my Lebara offer?

Would you like to cancel your mobile line and/or change your Lebara offer? Nothing could be simpler! At Lebara, we rely on the without commitment and we want to leave you free. You can cancel your mobile line, change your number and/or change your offer at any time.

With the mobile operator Lebara, no more worries related to termination! We spare you the administrative worries to the maximum.

Find out how to cancel a mobile line, change your number or change your Lebara offer!

How do I cancel my Lebara mobile line?

Lebara operates on a prepaid service system. Therefore, you have no commitment to us. You keep your bundle as long as you want and can change it quickly and easily.

Do you want to cancel you no-commitment mobile bundle? All you have to do is stop the automatic renewal if it is activated. To do this, go to your online account or MyLebara app! With a simple click, your plan will not be renewed. You can then choose a mobile offer that suits you more, if that is your wish.

Is my phone number cancelled at the same time?

The answer is no. In order to give you time for reflection, you have 90 days before your number is cancelled. Without your use, your phone number will be permanently deleted and out of service after 3 months.

How do I keep my Lebara phone number?

Want to keep your phone number active? To avoid losing it, you will need to add credit or sign up for a bundle at least once every 90 days.

How to change Lebara offer quickly?

Your Lebara mobile offer no longer suits you and you want to change it? Your habits have changed and your current bundle no longer suits you? No problem! Thanks to our quality offer based on the no commitment, you can change your bundle whenever you want. Your communications look like you!

Can I easily switch from a mobile bundle to a prepaid offer?

Sure. To do this, you just need to uncheck the “auto-renewal” option in your customer area. After that, you will have to reload your card by buying credit (between 5€ and 30€). These refills are valid and can be used for 90 days. As simple as that! Nothing more!

On the contrary, do you want to switch from credit to a mobile bundle? No problem. All you have to do is subscribe to the best bundle for you. No more, no less!

Is it possible to combine several Lebara offers?

Absolutely. Would you like to surf the web while opting for our prepaid cards? We have it all! Simply sign up for one of our mobile Internet Passes! These can supplement your prepaid offer whenever you want. This way, you can enrich your options and get a versatile and complete phone bundle.

In addition, you can completely combine 2 different monthly bundles, an International Pass/mobile internet and a monthly subscription... All combinations are possible!

Act freely according to your desires and your needs!

Can two Lebara SIM cards be used at the same time?

Of course. If your smartphone is equipped with dual sim, you can absolutely enjoy two Lebara SIM cards at a time. This is one of the best solutions if you want to accumulate monthly mobile bundle and prepaid SIM cards, for example. In addition, it is very interesting if you want to have a professional telephone number exclusively for your activities.

Terminate with ease, change your offer and/or number whenever you want thanks to our advantages!

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