How to choose the best Lebara internet bundle according to your needs?

Lebara is flexible and accessible to all and is one of the best internet operators in the French market. This is why our internet offers are varied and allow everyone to find the envelope that suits them. Data envelope included in our mobile bundles? Single Internet Pass? Lebara allows you to manage your internet consumption freely and without commitment.

Here are our best tips so you can choose Lebara's best internet bundle for you. Let’s go!

Why choose a bundle that includes the mobile internet envelope?

Interested in one of our new monthly, unlimited, or all-in-one bundles? Please note that these non-committing bundles entitle you to an envelope between 1GB and 200GB. Subscribing to a subscription of this type means making the choice to surf every month without worrying about anything.

What are the benefits of having a data envelope included?

By opting for an all inclusive plan for your smartphone, you don’t have to do anything every month. We take care of everything! If you want to renew your mobile bundle, just check one box, nothing more! You can enjoy monthly a fixed envelope without any risk of exceeding the bundle. Like a classic blocked offer, these mobile bundles guarantee you never have any surprises. You choose a 1GB offer? You won’t be able to go beyond that unless you request it. You choose a 200GB offer? It’s the same thing.

Why choose a single Internet Pass?

You would like to choose an international, prepaid or mini bundle and still enjoy mobile internet while respecting your budget? We have the solution: our Internet Passes!

In order to surf the web, you just need to choose one of our Passes that offer between 1GB and 40GB of data. Thus, you can complete your bundle punctually or regularly without any commitment. The single Pass can complete a monthly, unlimited, all-in-one, mini, prepaid bundle, or even an International Pass.

How do our Internet Passes work?

The best bundle for users with punctual and/or changing needs? The Internet Pass Lebara. The renewal of our Passes is automatic every 30 days, but can be deactivated whenever you want. As a result, you can change your Pass whenever you want! You can use your Pass alone with your connected objects or to complete a bundle or a topup.

In addition, you will also have access to 4G+. To activate it, simply send “4G” by SMS to 22241 (free).

What are the advantages of Lebara's internet offers?

The best bundle is the one that adapts to your daily or punctual needs. The best bundle gives you a choice, and that’s what we do. At Lebara, we decided to offer you various and varied internet bundles.

The benefits include:

  • A fast and high-quality internet connection: Lebara relies on the network of its provider, Orange ;

  • A data envelope included in most of our monthly bundles ;

  • A live control of consumption ;

  • The possibility to use the Internet envelope within the EU (+ Liechtenstein + Norway + Iceland + DOM) at no additional cost ;

  • The possibility to cumulate Internet Pass + prepaid card ;

  • Non-committing offers can be modified on our website or via the MyLebara application ;

  • Possibility to switch from one Internet Pass to another according to your specific needs.

Lebara is one of the best internet operators on the French market. That’s why our offers are tailored to each of your specific or regular needs.

You have not been able to choose the ideal Lebara internet bundle? Still have doubts? If you need help choosing your internet plan, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisors are at your disposal from 9h to 20h30 from Monday to Sunday to accompany you.

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