Why is Lebara one of the best operators on the french market?

Lebara is a flexible and accessible operator that allows you to communicate easily in France and abroad. Thanks to our prepaid, monthly and non-committing internet bundles, we adapt to YOUR needs. Your criteria are our criteria and we guarantee you the best results in terms of coverage.

Find out why Lebara is a mobile operator among the best on the French market!

Excellent coverage in France and internationally

To start, Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Orange. The Lebara non-committing mobile bundles therefore guarantee that you can enjoy a high-quality network/speed. Advantageous price + optimal coverage, what more could you ask for?

Does the Lebara network work eeverywhere in France?

Orange has excellent network coverage in France. According to the latest statistics, the latter covers 99% of the communes of the French territory. In other words, you are covered wherever you are! Enjoy the number 1 operator in France.

Want to make sure the Lebara network covers your city? Don’t hesitate to check out Orange’s 3G, 4G and 4G+ mobile network coverage map!

Can I use the 4G+ network?

The answer is clear: yes. Of course, Lebara gives you the opportunity to enjoy 4G+ coverage, which is twice as fast as 4G. A smooth navigation regardless of the places visited!

To activate 4G+ on your device, simply send “4G” by SMS to 22241 (free) when you are in France.

Does the Lebara network work abroad?

Of course. Lebara relies, most of the time, on the network of its supplier Orange. When this is not possible, we use other providers, such as Sunrise in Switzerland and Base in Belgium.

Moreover, thanks to the end of roaming (2017), you can take advantage of your package in Europe as you would in France. You will be able to call, send SMS and use your mobile internet envelope on the 4G or 4G+ network.

Lebara makes your life easier!

No more formalities!

We can say that Lebara is the best operator for all of you who want to make your life easier. Indeed, we want to spare you as much formalities as possible. You do not appreciate having to communicate your RIB? You don’t have to do this at Lebara. You don’t have a French bank account? You don’t need to get one to subscribe to a Lebara mobile offer. Rather convenient, isn’t it?

We are all around you!

Apart from the website, you can discover our offers in 40,000 points of sale in France. All our prepaid mobile topups are also available in many tobacco offices, stores and Relay points.

No commitment is on you

By subscribing to a Lebara offer, know that no commitment will be on you. This means that there is no duration requirement for your mobile bundle. This means that you can quite decide to stop or change when you want. Indeed, you can cancel the automatic renewal when you visit our website or MyLebara app. A simple box to uncheck to cancel! Comfort and freedom, always.

Between Lebara number: this is the life!

Between Lebara France numbers, communication is more than easy. Many of our bundles allow you to call and send unlimited SMS to all other Lebara numbers. Even if your bundle does not include unlimited SMS or calls to other numbers, of course! You will find, for example, our all-in-one bundles!

Do you have children and would like to manage their consumption credit more easily? Note that you can also transfer credit by SMS free between Lebara numbers. Ideal if you have teenagers or children who use a mobile phone! The best operator to control consumption!

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