What is the best Lebara offer for small budgets?

Do you have a tight budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on your mobile bundle? You’ve come to the right place! The no-commitment Lebara bundles adapt to the smallest budget. Cheap mobile bundles with internet access? Full mobile bundle for less than 10€

Thanks to the mobile operator Lebara, you can enjoy your bundle without breaking the bank!

Discover our best offers for small budget!

A complete and versatile bundle for less than 10€/month

Would you like to be able to call in France and abroad? Be able to send SMS and surf the mobile web? So these no-commitment bundles are made for you! By subscribing to our monthly 10GB offer, you will be able to:

  • Call and send unlimited SMS in France ;

  • Unlimited calls to 43 foreign countries ;

  • Benefit from a mobile internetenvelope of 10Go.

Don’t need to call abroad? Choose our monthly offer for less than 5€! You will enjoy 2GB of internet and unlimited calls and SMS in France!

A Mini bundle at 2€/month

Save with our Mini bundle at only 2€ per month! This subscription is undoubtedly one of our best cheap bundles for tight budgets.

It is especially suitable for users with small needs, as well as for all of you who are away for a month or more. At the smart and particularly advantageous price of 2€/month, you can call in France for 2 hours!

You go abroad for more than a month and can’t keep your current number? Subscribing to this mobile offer allows you to keep your number without breaking the bank! All you have to do is check the automatic renewal for the duration of your stay and you’re done!

Need to call at low prices? Need to keep your phone number without spending too much? The no-commitment subscription to the Lebara Mini bundle is the best offer!

Lebara prepaid cards

Available from 5€, our prepaid cards are great opportunities for small budgets! You only pay what you spend! You can choose from 5 mobile refills from 5€ to 30€. Thanks to our attractive rates, your consumption credits are deducted from 1 cent/minute. We are committed to offering you the most advantageous rates possible!

In addition, prepaid cards allow you to call and send SMS in France, but also abroad. By opting for a Lebara prepaid card, you acquire a pass for the freedom to communicate!

An ideal option for those who want to pay only what they consume!

But...What about the internet?

What about the mobile web? The prepaid card seduces you, but you want to have access to the internet? Don’t panic! With our Internet Passes, you can complete your prepaid mobile offer with an envelope of several GB.

Choose your Pass from 1GB and create your own personalized Lebara bundle!

Our web exclusives and promotions!

Pay attention!...All year round, we offer you different great deals at the best prices. Promotional rates for your calls, web exclusives, promotional bundles... We do everything to allow any user to find the right fit.

Take a regular look at our website and benefit from our new offers without commitment!

All our bundles and reloards are without commitment

New bundles, prepaid cards, old offers? All our mobile offers are available without commitment! You have no obligation to renew and can switch bundles whenever you want. Automatic renewal can be stopped at any time via our MyLebara app or our website.

This advantage makes Lebara a different mobile operator! So, be free to manage your communications according to your needs! You can take advantage of a selection of open-ended, no-commitment subscriptions without feeling stuck.

Enjoy Lebara freely with a bundle adapted to your budget and your needs!

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