How to find the best Lebara offers according to your needs?

Lebara is a mobile operator, flexible and accessible to all. Our available telephone offers are diverse and varied in order to match the unique needs of users. We offer monthly bundles, prepaid bundles and Passes: all are without commitment and at affordable rates. Whether you have regular or occasional needs, you will find your happiness.

Wondering which bundle to choose? Find out how to choose the best offers and the Lebara mobile bundle that best suits your needs!

Need to call France and/or the international regularly?

Do you particularly need to make calls in metropolitan France, Europe or other countries from your smartphone? Which no-commitment bundle to choose? Several of our bundles allow you to enjoy unlimited calls in France or abroad.

Our monthly bundles

All our monthly bundles give you unlimited calls to France and some also include calls to 43 international destinations (including EU and DOM). You can call both landlines and mobile phones from France and these countries.

Our unlimited bundles

If you choose an unlimited mobile bundle without commitment, you will be entitled to unlimited calls in France to landlines and mobile phones. From the 70GB offer, we give you 4 hours of calls to 43 foreign destinations.

These bundles are perfect for users who need to regularly call in France and occasionally abroad.

Our unlimited all-in-one bundle

By choosing this mobile bundle, you will be able to call France and more than 40 international destinations unlimited. This offer is part of our online exclusives and best deals. You can subscribe to it by visiting our website only.

Our International Passes

Need to call abroad? Discover our International Passes! You will be able to choose an envelope allowing you to call in your favorite countries. This Pass can be used alone or in addition to another mobile bundle.

Need an unlimited SMS and calls + comfortable mobile internet bundle?

If you have big needs regarding calls, SMS and mobile internet, we recommend you to bet on a monthly bundle. Indeed, our monthly mobile bundles without commitment are the most provided and versatile.

You will benefit from unlimited calls to France and 43 international destinations (landline and mobile). As a bonus, you will also have unlimited SMS to France and a web envelope between 1GB and 200GB. Suffice it to say that you will never lack anything!

Need a minimalist no-commitment bundle at a smart price?

Our Mini bundle is perfect for you! For only 2€/month, you will enjoy 2h of calls to France and a number preserved in your absence. However, if you have to travel abroad for several months, this subscription allows you to keep your number without breaking the bank.

Do you have moderate but varied needs?

You have moderate needs, but use both calls, SMS and mobile web? Are you not interested in the unlimited? We recommend our all-in-one mobile offers. You will enjoy 200 or 1000 minutes of calls and 200 or 500 SMS. As for mobile internet, you can surf with an envelope between 1 and 5GB.

Internet first!

Internet is at the top of your list of priorities? On a daily basis, the most important thing for you is to be able to surf freely? You play online, watch series, movies, download? Here are our best mobile offers:

Our monthly bundles

Our monthly bundles entitle you to a generous internet data envelope. Every month, between 10GB and 40GB will be dedicated to mobile internet! In 4G or 4G+, enjoy the internet serenely!

A few of our unlimited bundles

Many of our "unlimited bundles" offer a particularly generous data envelope. You will find 70GB, 130GB and 200GB for your greatest virtual happiness.

Need more data: discover our Internet Pass!

Need to supplement your mobile subscription with data? Our Internet Pass is perfect! You can buy a single internet envelope between 1GB and 30GB! Ideal to complete a Mini bundle, a prepaid offer or add data to your monthly bundles.

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