Why is Lebara one of the best internet operators?

Lebara is a mobile operator whose internet offers are among the best in the current market. Through our no-commitment bundles, we offer a solution tailored to each need. We offer different internet envelopes for the majority of our monthly bundles. In parallel, we also offer everyone to complete their prepaid or monthly offer with an Internet Pass. And always at the best price!

Discover all the advantages of Lebara’s internet offers and how they work!

What are the advantages of Lebara's internet offers?

The best mobile operator is the one that adapts to each user’s needs and leaves them the choice. That is why we have decided to offer you various internet offers.

The benefits include:

  • A fast and high-quality internet connection: Lebara relies on the network of its provider, Orange ;

  • A data envelope included in most of our monthly bundles ;

  • A live control of consumption ;

  • The possibility of using the internet envelope within the EU at no extra cost ;

  • The possibility to cumulate Internet Pass + prepaid card ;

  • No-commitment offers can be modified on our website or via the MyLebara application ;

  • Possibility to switch from one Internet Pass to another according to your specific needs.

How to use the internet with our monthly bundles?

Interested in one of our monthly mobile bundles? Note that these bundles allow you to enjoy an internet envelope between 1GB and 200GB. You can surf in France via the 4G or 4G+ mobile network by activating it by SMS. Thanks to the end of roaming (2017), you will also be able to enjoy your envelope within the EU at no extra cost.

How to use the internet with our unlimited bundles?

Is Lebara unlimited mobile bundle offer right for you? Depending on the subscription chosen, you will be entitled to an internet envelope between 10GB and 70GB. You can surf in France and within the European Union on 4G and/or 4G+.

How to use the internet with our all-in-one bundles?

Internet access via one of our all-in-one bundles is guaranteed! Depending on the subscription chosen, you will be entitled to an envelope between 1GB and 5GB. You can surf in France and in the EU thanks to the end of roaming. 4G and 4G+ networks are available. All you need to do is activate 4G+ via SMS to enjoy it!

How to surf the web with international bundles and the Mini bundle?

Our international and Mini bundle do not include a data envelope. Nevertheless, don’t panic! If you want to be able to surf the internet, you just have to choose an Internet Pass. Our Internet Passes (1GB to 40GB) allow you to complete your bundle on a regular or occasional basis. Without commitment, you can enjoy a high quality connection throughout France and within the EU.

Can I use mobile internet with a prepaid bundle?

The term “prepaid card” does not rhyme with the internet? It was without counting on Lebara!

By opting for a prepaid bundle, you can charge your mobile phone with data with an Internet Pass. With this option, your prepaid bundle has nothing to envy to the monthly bundles! Just choose your pass between 1GB and 30GB and you’re ready to surf!

How do our Internet Passes work?

Our passes are part of our best mobile internet offers. With internet data bundles between 1GB and 40GB, there is one for every need. The renewal of our Passes is automatic every 30 days, but can be deactivated whenever you want. You obviously have access to 4G+, you just need to activate it by SMS.

You can use your Pass alone with your connected objects or to complete a prepaid bundle or top-up. Would you like to surf the mobile web in complete flexibility and freedom? The Internet Pass of the mobile operator Lebara concerns you!

Enjoy this great deal and discover our Internet Passes!

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