Lebara improves its network !

How to get
the new Lebara network ?




If you purchased a Lebara SIM card that looks like this one, you are already on the new Lebara network !
If your current SIM card doesn't look like this one, follow the steps bellow to enjoy the new Lebara network ! 

I don't have my
new SIM card yet

You haven't got your new SIM card ? Order your new SIM card and book your transfer. You will receive your new SIM card within 3 working days.

Order my SIM

I already have
my new SIM card

You already have your new Lebara SIM card ? Book the migration date with your new SIM card and the information of the old one.

Migrate now

Why does Lebara change its network ?


Lebara change its network to always offer you the best service.

Nothing changes for you, all your services remain the same, you only have to change your Lebara SIM card for free.



Lebara is changing its network to offer you the best possible service. It is necessary to change your current SIM card with a new one so you can enjoy our new network.

You will always have access to the same services and you will keep your current number and valid plans. As a bonus, you will benefit from a faster and more efficient network.

No, changing your SIM card is a completely free process. You just need to order a new SIM card for free on our website or by contacting the migration service on 2333.

 As for your current SIM, your phone has to be unlocked for the migration to work.

Yes, you will keep your current number. You have nothing to do, we take care of everything !

Rest assured, you are not changing operators, you will always be a Lebara customer. However, the RIO code is necessary to migrate towards the new Lebara network

Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep your current SIM. When the migration occurs, your new SIM card will become inactive. However, ordering a new SIM card is easy and free. You can do this online on our website in the “Migration” tab or by calling our dedicated service on 2333.

Before requesting your migration, have the following information ready: • Your current phone number • Your RIO code allowing the migration of your telephone number to the new SIM card (receive it by calling 3179 from your current SIM card) • The serial number of the new SIM card you have just received. • The PUK code of your new SIM to make sure you keep your number Our point of sales can also help you with this process.

Migrating your SIM card allows you to benefit from a more efficient network and avoids a break in your services.

Our SIM cards are in triple cut format. This means that they can be used in macro, micro and nano formats. They fit all phones.

Yes, nothing changes for you! You will still have access to your customer space by entering your usual credentials.

If you have received your new SIM card and portability has not yet been completed, it is normal that your SIM card is still not working. Remember, once portability is complete, your old SIM card will no longer work.

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    Are you a Lebara retailer ?

    To order your new SIM card, help your customer to migrate, or return the old ones, please enter the Lebara Retail portal.