How to turn your smartphone into a small mobile box?

How to turn your smartphone into a small mobile box?

Thanks to the Internet Passes of the operator Lebara your smartphone is transformed into a small mobile box. No need to subscribe to a 4G box offer to enjoy 4G on your connected devices! This formula allows you to use your connected devices under Lebara’s 4G/4G+ network. Enjoy a fast connection on 99% of the French territory!

Want to turn your phone into a small mobile box? Find out how to do it here!

Why can our Internet Passes replace a 4G box?

Our dedicated mobile bundlesare available from 1GB and up to 40GB. To enable you to surf, we use the network of our provider, Orange. The network of Orange covers 99% of the territory in France optimally. You understand it! Our Passes offer high quality connection and coverage within the hexagon. Whether you are in rural or urban areas, you will enjoy high-speed mobile internet!

The mobility advantage: THE big difference

Unlike traditional 4G box offers, you don't have to stay home to enjoy thle. Our Internet Passesallow you to surf anywhere! No need for a power outlet, no need for a landline phone… By subscribing to a Pass, you will benefit from your fixed internet envelope at any time!

You can change your Pass whenever you want!

Our various Internet Passes, as well as ou monthly mobile bundlesand prepaid offers are without commitment. In fact, they can be changed at any time. You are free to choose and manage your subscription monthly according to your needs and desires. By subscribing to an Internet Pass, you only pay for your consumption!

Are you going on vacation or business trip in Europe or in the DOM and do not need internet? Unlike traditional internet box offers, you will not have to pay anything if you leave your home and/or want to disconnect. The Internet Pass gives you access to the web for 30 days via a fixed envelope. After this time, if you want to stop, you can uncheck the automatic renewal. It’s as simple as that!

Also know that you can use your Pass in these European destinations. Don’t hesitate to use our bundles comparison to learn more.

Use your Internet Pass with multiple connected objects!

Not only will you be able to use your mobile Pass offer outdoors, but also with multiple devices! You can use your Pass with your tablets, computers, watches and home automation equipment, for example. Moreover, thanks to connection sharing, simultaneous connection is possible!

Share your connection with your loved ones!

Whether you’re at home or outside, let others enjoy your 4G/4G+ connection! This manipulation works on both Android and iOS devices. You can share the 4G connection of your pass with a computer, watch or connected object of your choice. The process is very simple and very interesting! Indeed, it can allow you to download large files faster than via ADSL!

How to share your connection?

To share your mobile Internet Pass offer on Android, follow these steps:

  • Launch 4G/4G+ by activating mobile data on your smartphone. Got to the settings, click on "Wi-Fi and Internet" and then on "SIM and network" ;

  • Activate the "Mobile data" option ;

  • Activate the "Access Point" option in "Wi-Fi Access Point" ;

  • On the connected object you want to link, search for the name of the Wi-Fi of the phone ;

  • Enter the Wi-Fi key (the password) ;

  • It's okay, your object is now connected!

To share your Internet Pass on iOS, follow these instructions:

  • Turn on 4G/4G+ ;

  • Go to the "Settings" area, then "Connection sharing". Check the option ;

  • Via the Wi-Fi of your connected object, search for the name of your iPhone ;

  • Enter the password as soon as you are prompted. It is in "Connection sharing" ;

  • It's okay, your connected object is now connected to your Pass's network!

Save money!

Save money by signing up for a Pass only when you need it! Benefiting from the no commitment, you do not have to pay a subscription every month!

Enjoy the best aspects of telephony with Lebara!

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