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  • 10GB
    Internet 4G+
    Unlimited National mins to France
    30 days
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  • 50GB
    Internet 4G+
    Unlimited National mins to France
    120 International mins to 43 destinations
    30 days
  • New!
  • 70GB
    Internet 4G+
    Unlimited National mins to France
    120 International mins to 43 destinations
    30 days
  • 60GB
    Internet 4G+
    Unlimited National mins to France
    120 International mins to 43 destinations
    30 days
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Calling France has never been easier

Discover all our cheap mobile bundles. Enjoy unlimited calls and SMS to France from France and Europe and 4G+ Internet data. Enjoy one of the best networks in France. For all bundles of 19.99€ and more, we offer illimited calls to 43 international destinations! All our bundles are without commitment and no need for RIB!

Make a difference by opting for a Lebara unlimited mobile bundle. You have a set of solutions at attractive prices that you can manage very easily. Choose the cheap Lebara offer adapted to your needs and phone in France and abroad without worries.

Discover our different types of unlimited bundles!

Unlimited packages for all

Communicate without counting

Choosing a Lebara mobile bundle offers many benefits. First of all, enjoy unlimited communication time to use on one of the best networks in France. Call to Metropolitan France, but also to several countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

In addition to unlimited calls, enjoy a powerful internet network using 4G+ technology for a perfect connection. Finally, all communications between Lebara mobile numbers are free and unlimited, a real plus to communicate more easily and simply.

To each budget his bundle

A cheap unlimited bundle is the commitment of Lebara. The price range is wide and adapted to all user profiles. Our offers start at 9.99€ to allow you to call freely and unlimited in Metropolitan France. A mini price that includes of course a data envelope to browse the Internet with your smartphone. With a price range ranging from 9.99€ to 24.99€, prices changing according to the amount of data desired, Lebara offers you attractive prices among the lowest on the market to satisfy you in your communication needs. Benefit from our regular promotions.

Enjoy real flexibility

The ultimate benefit of all our unlimited mobile bundles is their flexibility. Indeed, all the solutions proposed by Lebara are without commitment, while most of the offers of the competing operators require commitment. Not requiring a subscription, they represent a real flexibility allowing you to evolve your bundle as you wish. In particular, you can temporarily increase your data envelope at any time without any constraints. In short a blocked bundle that you can evolve.

Moreover, to remain your trusted mobile operator, our rates remain very advantageous and attractive. To purchase online, you will only need your credit card to purchase your SIM card for your mobile bundle.

Freedom of choice without obstacles

Offers without commitment to leave you the choice

We wanted to guarantee you freedom in the use of your unlimited mobile bundle. Thus we have ensured that every one of our acts is without commitment, a pledge of our trust in you and a reward for the one that you carry to us.

Would you like to cancel the bundles of operators that require a commitment? By subscribing to a new offer at Lebara, you keep your mobile number if you wish. No need to run after your last mobile phone operator to change. We carry out portability for you from your current operator using your data and your RIO ID, to enable you to enjoy the mobile offer you have chosen as quickly as possible.

Evolve your mobile offer and bundle as you see fit.

Once your unlimited mobile bundle is subscribed, you have complete freedom to make it evolve over time. Lebara offers you the possibility to adapt your offer to your daily life to communicate without incident. At any time, you can change your bundle, up or down, always without commitment.

The terms of termination are just as simple. You can terminate your bundle at any time without any cancellation fees. The unlimited Lebara offers give you the opportunity to take a break from your communications by suspending your bundle for a month and giving you the opportunity to take it back afterwards.

For easier management of your bundle

Being clear and transparent in the management of your bundle is a commitment wanted by Lebara. When subscribing to a cheap unlimited mobile offer, you can freely manage your account online with MyLebara. You will be able to freely track your call history through an intuitive dashboard and freely configure the automatic loading of your bundle.

In addition, MyLebara subscribers benefit from current offers, regular discounts, the promotion of the moment as soon as we launch them, to not miss any good offer throughout the life of their bundle.

Our non-committing bundle

Lebara offers a wide range of non-committing phone bundles that you can purchase online, at a tobacco store or at one of the many Lebara outlets with a simple credit card. Each adjustable and modular mobile bundle is without commitment Lebara allows you to freely benefit from unlimited communications in Metropolitan France with a data envelope included according to your budget and time of communication abroad.

  • The Mini bundles:

  • Your search is for a mini price bundle? If you want a solution that favors calls in Metropolitan France, choose our unlimited bundles. They are available in 2 offers at attractive rates that include unlimited calls and SMS to metropolitan France. You also benefit from the data included in the small bundle to surf the Internet, while benefiting from a high-performance speed with 4G+ coverage for a perfect connection.

    Available only online, the first mobile bundle includes 1GB of data for the small price of 4.99€ per month without commitment. The second bundle includes 40GB of mobile Internet at a monthly price of 9.99€ without commitment. These are among the best mobile offers for younger users.


  • Maximum data bundles:

  • For those of you who need to communicate more, to France or abroad, we have three bundles that can suit you, at very attractive prices and without commitment.

    With these phone bundles, you have unlimited calls and SMS to Metropolitan France. And if your loved ones go on holiday on Reunion Island or in the DOM, you can enjoy at least 4 hours of calls to these and other destinations abroad without the need to add options to your bundle.

    In addition to these services, the first formula with international calls also includes 70GB of data usable in France and Europe for a monthly rate of 14.99€.

    As for the second and third formulas, you still have unlimited calls and SMS to Metropolitan France, as well as unlimited calls to the overseas departments and other destinations abroad. But you also get 130GB and 200GB of Internet data respectively. The second formula costs you 19.99€ per month, and the third formula costs 24.99€ per month, a 50% discount compared to the mini formula at 4.99€ per month.

Are you interested in these bundles? Keep your current phone number!

Thanks to portability, you can easily keep your phone number. You understand. You can keep your old/current phone number for free. We strongly advise you not to terminate your services yourself with another operator, your number might be terminated at the same time.

The portability process is very fast. Here’s how to transfer your number to a Lebara SIM:

  • Order your SIM card on ;

  • Check the option: "Transfer your number" ;

  • Get your RIO code by calling 3179 (free) ;

  • Provide us with the relevant number and its RIO code ;

  • Once the card is received, insert it into your smartphones/phones ;

  • Its temporary number will be activated and your request for portability will be forwarded to your former operator ;

  • You will receive the date of activation of your old/current number on your Lebara SIM within 3 working days (excluding weekends).

Can I use my unlimited bundle from other European countries?

Thanks to the end of roaming (2017) within the European Union, you can use your bundle as you do in France during your travels. You will therefore be able to call and send SMS from the countries of the European Union. Also included are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. In other words, no more hassle during your travels! You can communicate freely by simply enjoying your bundle. For all offers, Lebara applies a reasonable usage policy.

Do you prefer our prepaid cards? Then, in this case, past and received communications will be deducted from your credit. Roaming rates apply, check them out here.

Can I surf the internet abroad with my unlimited bundle?

Once again, thanks to the end of roaming, you can enjoy your Lebara bundle without constraints in the countries concerned. However, if you choose our prepaid cards, we advise you to take one of our Internet Passes. This is a non-committing bundle dedicated to mobile internet in France and Europe. You can enjoy 4G/4G+ offers ranging from 1GB to 40GB valid for 30 days.

To not forget before your departure!

Your unlimited bundle gives you access to 4G+ when you travel around Europe. To activate the 4G+ mobile network, simply send “4G” by SMS to 22241 while you are still in France.

Am I covered by the Lebara mobile network?

Wondering if you are well covered by our mobile network? Let’s take a closer look! Note that Lebara uses the quality network of its supplier, Orange.

What is a white area?

A white zone is an area that is not covered by any broadband or mobile network, regardless of the provider. In other words, you have no connection. Thanks to Orange’s infrastructure deployment work, it has become number 1 in rural areas! In other words, Lebara covers 99% of the French area, whether you are in the countryside or in urban areas!

How do I know if I am covered by 4G/4G+?

To ensure that you are properly covered by this network, simply consult the network coverage map. In our case, you just need to consult Orange. On this map you can zoom in to your location and make sure you are covered.

Don’t hesitate to take a 4G or 4G+ eligibility test to be sure to enjoy your Lebara mobile bundle.

All our mobile bundles give you access to 4G and/or 4G+ (twice as fast as 4G).


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